Round seals have a circular shape and prevent gas and fluid leaks in leak testing applications. They come in a variety of diameters and thicknesses with a hollow or solid center.
With more than 200 styles to choose from, Cincinnati Test Systems has the right round air seal for your leak test or filling application. All our premium seals are made from durable urethane materials for a long-lasting, reliable seal, even in demanding environments.
We offer round seals in three material grades:

  1. Standard urethane seals are ideal for general purpose uses
  2. Premium urethane seals provide 50% greater wear life
  3. Medical- and FDA-approved urethane seals for medical devices and food contact applications*

Request a Quote for Industrial Round Seals

In addition to round seals, we also offer bullet sealsspecial seals, and cut seals. We have over 1,000 standard industrial seals in our stock inventory. Request a quote on the premium seals you need, or contact us to learn more.
* Please note that medical grade urethane seals require up to eight days for delivery; no expedited shipping is available.