Leak Test Accessories


Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) offers a variety of leak test accessories to compliment your needs for air leakage testing equipment. The accessories support calibration, verification processes, and system troubleshooting. The products consist of high and low pressure gauges, leak finder pro, tracer gas leak standards, seals, luer connectors, and much more.

Digital Vacuum Gauge
This portable troubleshooting gauge verifies system vacuum pressures. The CTS digital vacuum gauge with KF16 fitting connects directly to the system vacuum fittings to measure vacuum from 1 Pa to atmosphere. The easy-to-read display indicates pressure in one of three selectable engineering units. Easily adapts to Luer Connectors for validations used with medical applications.

Portable Leak Finder
Troubleshoot leaks in vacuum systems using a helium mass spectrometer sniffer and the Leak Finder. Simply spray helium from the Leak Finder directly over suspected joints, fittings or surfaces while under vacuum and monitor your helium detector for indications of helium leakage into the system. The additional spray tube easily directs the helium spray to isolate leaks to a very precise location. The charge/relief fitting included in the carrying case makes it easy to recharge the Leak Finder from your DOT helium tank for long-term use.

Leak Finder Kit

Digital Vacuum/Pressure Gauge
Verify or calibrate the Sentinel instrument’s pressure display with this easy to use Digital Vacuum/Pressure Gauge. Using the appropriate fitting, the gauge easily connects to the test port of the Sentinel instruments. The standard 4-1/2 digit LCD display with 1/2" character size in one of nine selectable engineering units has an accuracy of 0.13% full scale. The available pressure ranges extend from vacuum to 60 or 300 psi.

Tracer Gas Leak Standards
Calibrate your tracer gas leak test systems with a traceable calibrated tracer gas leak standard. CTS provides NIST traceable tracer gas leak standards for those low leak rate applications from 10-10 to 10-1 atm-cc/s. CTS also provides a recertification service on your existing tracer gas leak standards. Common tracer gases include helium, hydrogen and SF6. Other tracer gas leak standards are available upon request.

Digital Pressure Gage

The leak test accessories were developed and offered by CTS to give our customers the necessary tools for calibration and troubleshooting of their test equipment.

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