Standard and Custom Industrial Grade Seals

If you have a leak testing or filling application, CTS has industrial seals or pneumatic connectors that will fit your need.

We have designed and manufactured standard and custom industrial grade seals for over 40 years and offer 1000s of different standard industrial seals in all shapes, sizes and hardnesses. Chances are CTS has a seal for your sealing application, saving you time and money in expensive tooling.

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Image shows range of cut and molded seals in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Pneumatic Connector Seals for Industrial Applications

CTS offers a range of standard, in-stock, bullet, round, and cut seals in different material and opening options. We also design and manufacture custom pneumatic face seals for non-standard applications. Browse the types below to find the right one for your requirements and request a quote.

Selecting or Designing Your Industrial Grade Seals

Important factors for determining your pneumatic connector seal requirements include:

  • Dimensions of your shaft and housing
  • Maximum operating speed and pressure
  • Operating temperature
  • Vacuum rating
  • Precision gasket material

Selecting a pneumatic face seal with the right dimensions is critical for effective sealing, but material choice is also important. Your precision gasket material needs to be chemically compatible with the type of processing gas used in your pneumatic application and must provide the appropriate level of tear strength and hardness to prevent the gasket from failing. 

Material type also determines the amount of pressure your pneumatic connector seals can tolerate. For applications involving higher pressure levels, your precision gaskets will likely require a harder material. 

We utilize three material types to produce our industrial grade seals:

  • Standard urethane for general purpose applications
  • Premium urethane for extended wear life
  • FDA-approved urethane for medical and food contact applications

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