Patented Nitrogen Purge Leak Testing Technology

Eliminate the factors affecting the accuracy of your sniff test on parts such as valves, pipe joints, tubes ,and fittings with CTS’ nitrogen purge leak testing. It enables you to minimize false rejects and increase repeatability by controlling trace gas background. Our cost-effective solutions removes operator dependence on the test and provides objective, calibrated measurement.

What Is the Nitrogen Leak Testing Procedure?

The CTS nitrogen purge solution is a tracer gas leak test system that combines the TracerMate II instrument to control the test and provide results, a mass spectrometer and the CTS purging clamshell, which is clamped onto joint(s) being tested.

The CTS nitrogen purge clamshell device has inner and outer chambers that surround the part test area. The chambers have ports that allow nitrogen to enter the cavity and force out ambient atmosphere.

During the leak test cycle controlled by the TracerMate II, the clamshell inner chamber collects the tracer gas leaking from the part. The outer chamber then provides a constant low positive pressure nitrogen curtain to hold back and prevent ambient background from entering, effectively isolating the inner chamber.

The gas from the chamber is drawn into the mass spectrometer, which analyzes the  gas mixture to  measure the amount of tracer gas. The mass spectrometer communicates results to the TracerMate II, and these readings are then displayed as the instrument determines and signals a “pass” or “fail” (green lights or red lights) for the nitrogen leak test. 

Nitrogen Purge Systems Designed for Accurate Helium Leak Testing

Our patented nitrogen purge leak testing system eliminates false leak failures. The patented clam shell device uses low pressure nitrogen to create a helium-free environment, allowing the mass spectrometer gas analyzer to sample and detect micro-leaks.

Nitrogen purge leak testing is an effective method of detecting micro-leaks in pipe joints, tubing, and small parts. Industries ranging from HVAC/R to medical choose tracer gas systems because they are more reliable than other tests, many of which are easily affected by environmental factors.

  • Compatible with multiple gases, including helium, forming gas, and refrigerants
  • Detects leaks as low as 10-6 scc/s
  • Low-cost tracer gas testing method
  • Increased sensitivity for improved leak detection accuracy: reduces background to 10-7 atm-cc/s range
  • Versatility for use in a broad range of heating and cooling applications
Close-up of a CTS nitrogen purge clamshell held open with a hand with the leak test fixture in the background.
Image shows a TracerMate II tracer gas leak test system, three purging clamshells, and other equipment on a cart.

Turnkey Solution for Leak Testing Pipes, Joints, Tubes and Fittings

The TracerMate II is an “all in one” nitrogen leak detection system that provides evacuation, test pressure, a gross leak test, tracer gas backfill, and the exhaust process. We offer this high-sensitivity tracer gas system integrated with custom handheld devices or as a benchtop configuration to meet your testing needs.

Complete Leak Test Station for Heating and Refrigeration Components

CTS can integrate the Nitrogen Purge technology into a complete solution like the TracerMate II HVAC-R Portable Leak Test System. The system enables the use of as many probes as required on up to 20 different leak locations. These turnkey systems for manufacturers of heating and refrigeration components that have final assemblies with tube joints and fittings—such as coils and compressors—simplify accurate testing during. 

With the permissible leak rate as low as 0.5 grams of refrigerant loss per year, conventional sniffer testing is not a reliable method to detect such small leaks. Sniffer tests sample the background to detect helium escaping from a leak. However, background helium concentration fluctuations can make it difficult to consistently distinguish good from bad product and can result in false leak failures.

Improve Your Tracer Gas Testing Accuracy with Nitrogen Purge Technology

Cincinnati Test Systems wants to be your partner in leak testing. Our nitrogen purge systems help you improve your efficiency and achieve more accurate leak testing results. Request a quote or contact us for the high accuracy solution your leak test procedure needs.