Factory and On-site Leak Test Training

CTS offers flexible training options for engineers, maintenance personnel, quality professionals, line managers and/or operators to learn about leak testing and the use of our instruments and solutions. Delivered at your site, at a CTS location or virtually via Zoom, the sessions are customized to meet your requirements.
Contact us to learn more about how our training services can help your team more effectively use, manage, and maintain the leak test systems in your plant.

Training Courses on CTS Technology

Adapted to the manufacturer’s requirement, from participants’ level of experience with leak testing to their role in supporting the test equipment in the plant, the training can cover topics such as:

  • Leak test fundamentals to understand how leak test works, what factors affect it, test methods, etc.
  • Pressure decay, mass flow, or tracer gas leak test technology overview
  • How to use and operate a CTS instrument, such as the Sentinel I28, Blackbelt, etc.
  • Operation of the CTS leak test equipment used in the plant, which can include hands-on instruction of an entire station’s functions (clamping, sealing, etc.)
  • Maintenance requirements for the leak test instrument(s) or equipment in use
  • Troubleshooting common issues and how to fix them

The structure of our courses is flexible: we can provide a combination of these topics in a session, depending upon class size and time budgeted, or do simple sessions covering a specific instrument. Costs are based on how training is being delivered (at CTS, on-site, Zoom), topics that need to be covered and the resulting time that will be required to cover them.

Whether you need training for an operator on an instrument or want your team to know how to get the most out of your CTS equipment, we can help.

CTS employee in front of leak test machine talking to two men

Benefits of Using CTS Training Services

Training enables plant personnel to successfully operate and maintain CTS systems.

  • Ensure consistent, repeatable tests
  • Ability to make updates to the tests
  • Continuous improvement and optimization of the leak test for improved cycle time, repeatability, flexibility
  • Avoid downtime with preventative maintenance handled in-house
  • Diagnose or resolve issues more quickly at the test stand

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