Air Actuated Luer Lock Connectors

Luer fittings and adapters connect via a basic friction fit commonly used in many industries, including pharmaceuticals and health care. They are often used with catheters and small valves and fittings in medical device assemblies.

The CTS Connect pneumatic actuated luer connectors effectively seal on the face of both male and female luer lock fittings. Our luer connectors consist of a nose piece that grips the luer fitting and an air-driven internal piston that drives an FDA-approved medical seal material into the face of the part. This creates a tight seal that meets all test pressure requirements. 

Image shows a male and female luer pneumatic connectors side by side.

Benefits of Using CTS Pneumatic Luer Seals

CTS Connects™ for luer fitting testing are designed to make it easy for the operator to quickly, safely and accurately position and seal medical devices and components with luer type fittings for leak and flow testing. All parts that come in contact with the luer are of the highest grade materials. Surgical grade 316 stainless steel and FDA-approved medical seal materials ensure that the luer fittings are not compromised during the testing process. Because connections to medical devices and components come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, CTS offers custom-designed CTS Connects™ for virtually any application

  • Superior sealing capability without the risk of scratching the surface of the part.
  • Automated sealing to minimize operator fatigue and injury
  • Large test port holes for better conductance
  • Easy quick-change nose piece that securely locks into place to accommodate multiple luer fitting designs
  • Medical grade seal material
  • Can be controlled by a CTS instrument to seal and release the fitting

Examples of CTS Connect Luer Fittings Used in Medical Device Manufacturing Leak Testing

Tight part sealing during leak and blockage testing of medical devices is key to the accuracy of the test. Check out these application bulletins to see examples of how CTS Connect luer fittings can be used.

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