Specialty and Custom Industrials Seals

Clamshell seals are designed to seal the outer diameter of a tube or pipe for the prevention of fluid and gas leaks. Gasket seals also prevent the passage of fluid and gases and are designed to seal radiators and similar equipment.

Cincinnati Test Systems offers clamshell seals, gasket seals, and custom seals for all leak test and filling applications. Our special seals are manufactured from durable urethane material for a long-lasting, reliable seal, even in the most challenging conditions. We offer special seals in all the standard configurations or we can provide custom seals tailored to your specific requirements. 

Special seals are available in three material grades:

  1. Standard grade urethane seals for general purpose use
  2. Premium grade urethane seals provide 50% greater wear life
  3. FDA- and medical-approved urethane seals for food contact and medical device applications

Custom Precision Gaskets for Non-Standard Applications

Pneumatic face seals from CTS have special designs to fit most openings including threaded, smooth, and much more. Material options range from different hardness, high tensile strength, and chemical resistant compounds that fit your manufacturing process. We also have seals designed for fine leak applications where permeations may be a problem.

For non-standard applications, we design custom seals that are manufactured to contour to the customer part openings for a reliable performance based on your exact specifications. Let us take over where off-the-shelf solutions don’t work.

Learn More About Our Custom Seals for Industrial Applications

CTS offers a broad range of clamshell seals and bullet seals to meet your needs. We also provide bullet seals, round seals, and cut seals in a variety of sizes and styles. Request a quote for the custom seals you need, or contact us for more information.