Leak Standard Recertification Service

Cincinnati Test Systems offers Leak Standard Recertification for most commercially manufactured leak standards. If you calibrate your leak test to a leak standard, it must be certified annually to provide the flow rate at a specific test pressure. CTS will check your leak master and provide a certification of calibration with its current readings from our accredited lab at the CTS factory.

If a CTS manufactured leak standard is found out of tolerance, it will be replaced with a new leak standard at the original specifications at no additional cost.
Hand shown inserting a CTS leak standard into the front of a leak test instrument in a factory.

Reliable Leak Orifice Recalibration Certified to ISO 17025

Our calibration lab is A2LA accredited, certificate no. 1667.01, and ISO 17025 accredited, ensuring that the strictest controlled calibration procedures are followed in the manufacturing process. Your leak standard will be returned to you with a serialized Calibration Certificate traceable to NIST standards. CTS A2LA accreditation guarantees the recertification is performed using procedures and equipment that will certify flow and pressure measurements are within specific limits of uncertainty:

  • Flow calibration: 50 – 20,000 scc/min within 0.50 percent of full scale
  • Pressure calibration: -14.7 to 1000 psig within 0.05 percent of full scale

How to Get Your Leak Masters Recertified by CTS

CTS makes it easy! Simply contact us with either the serial number of your CTS leak standard(s) or with the make and model of your current leak standard(s).

Once at the factory, recalibration of air flow leak standards takes 3 to 6 business days. For tracer gas leak masters used in helium and other applications, it is up to 10 business days.

Image showing a group of air flow leak standards with CTS labels.

Need New Leak Standards?

If you want to replace existing standards, need to have duplicate standards available or require new ones, CTS has a full range of high-performance standards for leak and flow testing.

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