Helium Recovery Systems


Helium is used for various processes including welding, semiconductor manufacturing, medical and scientific research, and as a tracer gas for detecting leaks. The versatility of helium has made it popular, but it is also dwindling in supply, sometimes making supplies scarce or costly. As a result, many industries utilize helium gas reclaim systems to manage, recapture and process their helium supply for future use.

Automated Hard Vacuum Helium Tracer Gas System

Effectively Manage Tracer Gas Supplies with A Helium Gas Reclaim System

Helium is purchased in liquid form and stored in pressurized cylinders, then vaporized prior to use. For the helium to be placed back into a cylinder, it must first be purified and liquefied prior to storage.  Processing helium requires the use of pressure recovery systems that consist of various components to recapture, process and store the gas.
The primary components of these systems typically include:
  • Compressors for maintaining proper pressure
  • Gas analyzers for ensuring purity levels
  • Storage tanks for recovered gas
  • Dryer and filtration systems for purification and processing
  • Temperature sensors and level indicators for monitoring supplies
  • Touch screen control panels for operating the equipment and monitoring functions
In a standard pressure recovery system, vaporized helium is used in a process, then recaptured through exhaust lines. These lines run to a recovery vessel, where the gas is fed through a filter and then analyzed for purity. If the purity level is at least 99.9%, the helium is liquified and transferred to a storage tank.
Benefits of using a helium recycling system include better control over helium consumption and management, reduced dependency on helium suppliers, and cost savings. Use our Helium Capacity and ROI Calculator to determine the right sizing capacity for your helium gas reclaim system.
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Helium Recycling Systems for Any Testing Application

The movement to improve quality has lowered the leak rate specification in part and system manufacturing.  Using tracer gas is almost mandatory to reduce the test time, improve test accuracy and repeatability, and meet production requirements. 
Integrating a helium gas reclaim system into your operation will reduce helium tracer gas costs by recycling the helium for reuse in your plant. They are the perfect addition for large parts and high-pressure tests with high throughput production rates where large amounts of Helium are used. 
We have over 30 years of experience supporting tracer gas in not only manufacturing test instruments and turn-key test systems, but also helium gas reclaim systems. Whether it’s the need to protect people or property in the case of a gas leak, or a need to detect inefficiencies in equipment by not recycling your tracer gas, CTS is prepared to help you maximize your equipment’s return on investment in either our standard or custom built gas detection systems.
  • Helium / GAS Reclaim / Recovery Systems: Delivers a precise amount of gas for helium testing to reduce waste and help maintain supplies. Our helium gas reclaim systems are available in six standard configurations providing up to 300 psig with customization available upon request.
  • TraceMate CS Instruments (charge/Evacuation): Provides repeatable tracer gas measurement for helium testing and other tracer gas applications. The TracerMate works with a variety of standard, optimal and advanced tests as well as gas reclaim and recovery systems.
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