Burst Test Systems 

Cincinnati Test Systems’ burst test systems are test solutions designed for leak testing parts to ensure they conform to manufacturer pressure specifications while meeting production requirements. 

Product burst testing utilizes controlled pressure (fluid or compressed air) by ramping pressure over a set amount of time within the part. Test parameters are set and measured during test to determine that the part functions within the pressure set points and does not produce damage or a leak during the testing process. Additionally, the test system can be set to increase pressure continually until the product fails while measuring the pressure that creates the pressure. 

Standard and Custom Burst Test Equipment 

Cincinnati Test Systems will work with you to supply standard burst test instrumentation using compressed gas with custom tooling or develop a customized fluid burst test system that meets your unique part and testing specifications.  

Standard instrument based burst test systems utilize Sentinel instrumentation like the I28 and Blackbelt integrated with custom-manufactured tooling to seal and safely test parts during production . CTS air burst test systems are easily integrated into a production environment include:

  • Integration with customer supplied air source or supplied with an air booster system 
  • Standard instrumentation set for up to 99 different part designs or programs 
  • Preset programming to ramp the pressure and conduct pressure measurements 
  • Test sequencing to conduct multiple ramping tests with optional leak testing as a final measurement 
  • Fixturing designed for robust sealing, non-damage during part destruction, and repeatable testing 
  • Simple integration into a manual load/unload or automated production line 

Our hydrostatic burst test units are highly customizable and can be tailored to provide the ideal features and performance for your application. 

Image of a burst test machine with fixturing and HMI

Integrating Burst Test Equipment on Your Production Line 

CTS burst test equipment are designed to operate in your test environment and can include:  

  • A fluid supply system to pressurize & control fluids for the test 
  • Hydraulic systems to achieve test pressure 
  • Part fixturing for one or more part types 
  • Test connections for the part(s) 
  • Fixturing to test single or multiple part designs
  • Automation for manual and/or automatic operation 
  • Automation for part load/unload 
  • Test program(s) 
  • Instrument & system tests to verify that the function test is operating properly 
  • A test event history logo SPC analysis of test results 

Choosing Compressed Gas or Fluid for Burst Testing  

The media used during burst testing can be compressed gas or fluid (hydrostatic testing), the media is chosen based on product specifications, size of the part, and the final pressure that will be applied to the part. Safety is the biggest concern during burst testing to disperse the energy created by the compressed media. CTS engineering specialist have years of experience designing system to seal parts safely without damage, create operator safety enclosures around the part, produce fixturing that is not damaged by a destroyed product, and supply exhaust for the safe release of energy created by the pressurized media. 

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