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Precision Leak Detection Systems and Equipment

Leak testing during manufacturing assembly is critical to the quality and performance of your products. It ensures parts meet not only your specifications, but your customers’ expectations. We have built the industry’s broadest portfolio of leak detection equipment to address the broadest range of test applications. For over 40 years, we’ve provided pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, helium leak, helium recovery and functional test systems to manufacturers around the world. CTS is the reliable choice for manufacturing leak detection.

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Side view of man in blue shirt looking up at and pushing buttons on a TracerMate II instrument.

Benefits of using our advanced leak testing solutions include:

  • Find even the smallest leaks in parts before they leave the production line
  • Automate your testing for more accurate, reliable, and efficient leak detection 
  • Multi-functional test instrument options reduce test complexity and costs
  • Two-year warranty on standard instruments and 24/7 support for worry-free operation
  • Confidently deliver leak-free products to your specification!

Get a tight seal every time with CTS Connect

Full line of manual and air-actuated connectors built with superior materials for long seal life. Fast shipping on standard models!

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Leak Detection Equipment for all Industries

With CTS on your team, you get expertise in leak test applied to your requirements. We have worked with manufacturers big and small in established and emerging industries around the world to provide the leak test solution appropriate to their part and manufacturing environment. In our 40+ years we’ve developed solutions for an incredible range of applications and industries. Whether you’re an OEM or a component supplier, we’ve got your leak test needs covered.

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