CO Series External Seal Air Actuated Connectors

The CTS Connect CO series pneumatic connectors effectively seal the outer diameter (OD) on smooth, rough, or threaded circular features of a part. These pneumatic connectors consist of an air-driven internal piston that compresses the CTS-proprietary seal material against the surface of the part, creating a tight seal that meets all test pressure requirements regardless of surface shape or finish.

Standard sizes range is 0.30” OD to 3.032” with larger sizes available as a custom option. Rated for low pressure vacuum to test pressure of 500 psig.

Image of four Connect Inside connectors with CTS logos on them.

Find the CO Connector for Your Application

Fast Delivery of External Pneumatic Connectors

Not only are these standard connectors available with a typical five-day lead time, they provide optimal sealing performance.

  • Superior sealing capability without the risk of scratching the surface of the part
  • Automated sealing to minimize operator fatigue and injury
  • Large test/fill port holes for better conductance

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