Ensure the Integrity of Parts and Components with Mass Flow Testing

No matter the industry, product integrity is necessary to the manufacturing process. Everything leaks, and mass flow testing provides a fast, reliable determination of leakage to ensure it is within permissible ranges.  

Cincinnati Test Systems specializes in application-specific, turnkey mass flow systems that meet the unique needs of our customers’ challenging production environments. Our solutions include:

  • Mass Flow Testing: Technology that uses a mass flow meter to determine the rate of a fluid or gas flowing. Flow testers are typically used for calibration, occlusion testing, and critical flow requirements.
  • Mass Flow Path Size Testing: Accurate technique used to determine restrictions in test parts. Technology includes pneumatic and hydraulic media.
  • Mass Flow Leak Testing: Widely used for larger volume or highly elastic parts. These leak detection instruments measure and record the flow of makeup air/gas required to compensate for air/gas loss from a leak at a constant pressure over a fixed time period.
  • Mass Flow Leak Standard Testing: This flow testing method allows non-leaking parts to read near zero by tarring out conditions that result in flow not attributed to leaking.
  • Calibrated Mass Flow Leak Testing: This testing method measures flow by calibrating it to a known curve and stabilizing  it close to zero. Also known as a two-point linear offset.
  • Differential Mass Flow Leak Testing: Similar to mass flow testing, but utilizes a reference volume of similar or exact design or volume of the part under test to help eliminate additional flow characteristics that are not associated with a leak like adiabatic conditions.

Mass Flow Testing Technology is Ideal for Leak Testing and Blockage Testing

Mass flow testing is an accurate, reliable method to assess and measure leakage. By measuring the volumetric flow of air passing into or through a product per unit of time (e.g. cubic centimeters of air per minute), mass flow systems perform leak testing and blockage (occlusion) testing of devices. Mass flow systems:

  • Determine the integrity of parts and components.
  • Detect small leaks using non-destructive testing.
  • Accommodate a wide range of applications, including testing of gas meters, appliances, exhaust systems, and more.
  • Work with products of various sizes
  • Handle components that operate using gas or liquid.

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Mass Flow Testing Equipment

Selecting the right mass flow instrumentation for your application is key to getting accurate results. With mass flow technology, repeatability and accuracy are highly dependent on the range of the flow meter being used for the test. Cincinnati Test Systems offers seven different flow meter ranges to deliver the right level of sensitivity for your application. 

In addition to accurate test results, you want repeatable measurements and minimal test noise. Cincinnati Test Systems’ application experts will assess your requirements and create a solution that fits your unique needs. We offer three instruments for mass flow leak testing.

Accurately Detect Leaks with the Right Solution for Your Unique Application

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