Certified Leak Standards for Reliable Leak and Flow Testing

Cincinnati Test Systems provides certified, high-performance air flow leak standards and tracer gas leak standards. Our calibrated leak orifice units are precision-manufactured to match your unique flow and pressure requirements. All leak standard calibration is performed in-house in our A2LA accredited and ISO 17025 certified lab. We also provide a NIST-traceable calibration certificate with every leak standard. 


Leak Masters for Reliable Leak and Flow Testing

  • Integrate into test instruments
  • Mount into master calibration parts
  • Plug into test line
  • Controlled flow applications
  • Individually manufactured to a specified leak/flow rate at a specified pressure
  • Certified and traceable
  • Annual calibration can be performed by CTS

Air Flow Leak Standards and Tracer Gas Standards

Browse our products to find the leak standard right for your application and to request a quote. You can also contact CTS for a free evaluation of your leak standard requirements.

What are Leak Standards or Leak Masters?

Leak test standards emit a controlled pre-pressurized flow of air or tracer gas to calibrate or verify the calibration of leak testing and flow control instruments. Tracer gas leak test standards contain a vessel of tracer gas and can be used with or without a pressure gauge.

Air flow and leak standards mount into master calibration parts and use air, compressed nitrogen, or tracer gas to verify calibration. There are also leak simulators, which plug into leak and flow testing systems to provide digital readings to verify the test instruments are properly calibrated.