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CTS and Sciemetric release QualityWorX for CTS instruments

Added data collection, analysis capabilities optimize test station performance

July 17, 2018Harrison Ohio and Ottawa OntarioCincinnati Test Systems ( and Sciemetric Instruments ( have brought the data management and analytics of Manufacturing 4.0 to leak and flow testing with the first of many innovations to come from their collaboration as part of the TASI Group of Companies.

To achieve Manufacturing 4.0, manufacturers need to make the most of their production line data, for higher first-time yields and faster resolution when quality issues arise. This is particularly true for leak testing. Practical and integrated tools are needed to make more effective use of data and ensure this crucial quality assurance process is reliable, repeatable and quick enough to keep pace with production. This is why CTS and Sciemetric have now made it possible to collect, store and analyze data from CTS instruments using QualityWorX.

The QualityWorX CTS DataHub is a turnkey platform for collecting and analyzing data from up to five CTS Sentinel instruments at a time, without requiring complex IT support to set up. It includes a host PC and Sciemetric Studio analytics software. Sciemetric Studio aggregates serialized leak test data for on-demand and in-depth analysis and visualization. Manufacturers can begin collecting and analyzing data within minutes.
For more extensive data collection requirements, the QualityWorX CTS Data Connector allows data from a CTS Sentinel instrument to be pushed to a QualityWorX database. This enables consolidation of production data from leak tests with other tests along the line, providing a centralized, accessible and traceable record of part data across assembly processes.

All the data can be analyzed using Sciemetric Studio software for continuous optimization of a test process, clear proof of compliance and quick response to issues that affect testing.

Unified under the TASI Group’s Product Integrity organization, CTS, Sciemetric and CTS-Schreiner together provide quality and productivity solutions to manufacturers worldwide.

“Together, we deliver the largest and most comprehensive leak test product portfolio in the industry, with the data analytics horsepower manufacturers need to compete,” said Kevin Hansell, President of CTS. “The QualityWorX CTS Data Connector and the QualityWorX CTS DataHub are great first examples of the complementary strengths of our two companies and how we can help manufacturers drive production quality and efficiency.”
In the months to come, CTS and Sciemetric will roll out additional data integration capabilities that will allow enterprise users to create truly connected factories.

“For years manufacturers have relied upon QualityWorX to improve quality, efficiency and yield across their production lines,” said Nathan Sheaff, President of Sciemetric. “With CTS, we have found a strong partner with which to deliver even greater value by connecting more data sources from across the plant floor. This is just the beginning as we build from leak test to any test.”
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About CTS
Since 1981, Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc. (CTS) has delivered precision leak detection equipment, function test systems and assembly verification testing to manufacturers throughout the world. Its Sentinel, TracerMate and LPC product lines deliver pressure and vacuum decay leak testing, flow testing and tracer gas testing. CTS is known as the leak detection expert in automotive, consumer products, off-highway, medical devices, oil and gas and energy. Today, CTS is expanding its capabilities in data management and analytics to help manufacturers rise to the challenge of Manufacturing 4.0. CTS has sales and support offices in the U.S., Europe, China and Korea.

About Sciemetric
Sciemetric has partnered with manufacturers for over 25 years to solve their biggest productivity and quality issues, and optimize their production lines quickly, through in-process monitoring/testing and practical data analysis. It works in the global automotive, off-highway, medical and consumer electronics industries to help manufacturers bring Manufacturing 4.0 to their production line, from leak test to any test. The data management and manufacturing analytics of QualityWorX and Sciemetric Studio empower manufacturers to start using their data today for visibility and fast issue resolution. Sciemetric has sales and support offices in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., India and China.
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CTS Acquires H. Schreiner to Increase Business
Opportunities in European Automotive, Industrial, and Medical Markets

Harrison, OH – March 1, 2017 ─ Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) announces the acquisition of
H. Schreiner, a designer and manufacturer of leak test instrumentation and special purpose testing machinery. Schreiner has been in business for over 40 years, located in Ottobrunn, Germany. The new CTS Company will operate at that location under the name Cincinnati Test Systems - Schreiner GmbH.


Kevin Hansell, President of CTS said, ‘Bringing H. Schreiner into the CTS organization establishes an immediate CTS presence in European market. It has been part of the CTS strategic plan to enhance the company’s future growth and performance in Europe and this acquisition is a significant step in that direction.’


With almost no overlap in  the markets served, both CTS and Schreiner product lines will remain available for the foreseeable future. ‘It is our intent to utilize our combined sales channels to promote both companies. As we move forward, we will take every opportunity to grow these businesses together in a way that provides the most value to our customers in the global test market’, said Hansell.


Since 1981 Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has manufactured test instruments and custom leak test systems and supports over 25,000 test applications around the globe. CTS specializes in the manufacture of leak test instrumentation and test systems, has over 230 employees, and has significant operations in the US, Mexico, China, and Korea. CTS is a division of the TASI group of companies, which employs over 800 employees globally.