Leak Test Trials and Optimization

Consult the experts at CTS to assist you in the first steps in the development of an accurate, reliable leak test. Our leak test lab trial services help you better understand the role and function of leak testing and design the best test setup for your needs. Our team will equip you with the knowledge and proven system to get you up and running leak testing at your facility.

We’re here to help design and understand your new leak tests

Regardless of your level of knowledge and expertise, the CTS lab trials team is here to support you as you design or refine your leak test. Our on-site lab is best for small-to-medium size parts and components, though we can also offer this service on a customer site for larger parts and assemblies, as needed. 

The scope of a leak test lab trial could range from a simple, basic trial to show you how leak testing would work with your part, to a more complex trial with multiple sets of runs and statistical analysis to gain deeper understanding. At the end of the trial, we often host customers in our on-site lab to view their test first-hand so that they may better take back the knowledge and skills to implement the test at their plant. 

During a lab trial, we will discuss your goals and any problems you’re currently having and help you figure out what an initial test could look like for your part. Through this process, we will also help you better understand the role and function of your leak test, including:
  • Which test method and technology is best for your application
  • How to properly seal and fixture your part for a reliable leak test
  • Understanding your specifications and measurements
  • How to meet Gage R requirements
  • And more

What we need from you before the trial

We have everything in our state-of-the-art facility to design the best leak test for your production line. We utilize our suite of industry-leading leak test instruments, as well as our line of CTS Connects to facilitate the tests. We also offer custom fittings and have 3D printing capabilities on-site for sealing and fixturing, as needed. 

We do require a few things from the customer before the test, however. This list includes:

  • Goals for the test: We will first discuss your goals and any problems you have been having. Regardless of your expertise-level, we will work with you to understand your needs and clarify your goals to make sure we answer all your questions with the trial.
  • A good and bad part: In order to design and analyze your leak test, we will ask you to provide a non-leaking part and a leaking part around your reject limit. We will run the trial on these parts, identifying the leak rate associated with your good and bad parts and highlighting other variables that may be important to your test set up, including how your part will react when pressurized, if fixturing will be required, etc. 
  • Leak specifications: We rely on our customer to provide their leak test specifications. However, the lab trial can help you better define your leak rates and hone your specifications and leak limits to improve defect detection at your plant.
  • Any other requirements: We will ask that you detail if there are any other requirements of your leak test, including Gage R requirements, target test time, target throughput, etc. This will help us better provide guidance on the best leak test methods and setup for your needs.
  • Sealing/fixturing: We can provide any standard sealing and fixturing needs on-site during the lab trial, however we do ask that if you already have sealing and fixturing that you provide that with your part for the trial—particularly if your part has a unique design/geometry and/or unique orifices.   
  • 3D models/drawings: Ideally, we will also receive 3D models/drawings of the parts you need to test. This will help us better design the test, particularly if we need to do any custom 3D printing to make unique seals or fittings.

Get started! Consult the leak test experts 

CTS has been designing leak tests for top manufacturers across the globe for over 40 years. Our team is dedicated to making sure you have an accurate, reliable leak test to produce the best parts on your line. We are also dedicated to offering support and advice after-sale, so you always feel confident in your test and results. Contact us to learn more and schedule a leak test lab trial.