IP67 & Ingress Protection Testing Solutions 

IPXX ratings set an expectation on how water and dust-proof a product is. IP67 is commonly used for sealed electronics, where penetration by dust or moisture can lead to corrosion, electrical shorts and shock, internal condensation, performance issues, and failure. If promising an IP rating, manufacturers need to test their parts to ensure they meet the standards.  

Other IP ratings extend beyond IP67 in the form of IP68 and IP69K, these specifications are all attribute testing requirements based around part design and how external factors affect the part to produce water ingress. Concentrating on IP67 no-water ingress is the first step to achieving a non-leaking product test procedure. Our team is well positioned to help you achieve your final IPXX rating through non-destructive production leak testing. 

What is Ingress Protection Testing (IPXX)? 

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) has established a unified coding system known as the International Protection Marking (IP) system (#60529). IP codes are intended to reassure customers that the manufactured products they buy are tested with respect to ingress contamination, which is the infiltration of dust, water, or other contaminants.  

Applicable to both consumer and industrial products, this code includes a two-digit suffix that rates the product in question, based on how well it performs to ingress standards.  

The ingress protection table explains the specifications and requirements associated with each IPX rating. 

Chart showing the ingress protection rates of solids and liquids based on IPXX ratings.

Beginner's Guide to IPxx Ratings Guide

How Can IP67 Test Equipment Improve Your Production Processes?

Manufacturers all over the world are integrating CTS IP67 test equipment into their production lines to: 

  • Test for product quality and performance issues, which can help reduce warranty costs 
  • Introduce opportunities to improve product reliability while reducing liability 
  • Improve methods of producing more parts with less scrap, minimizing waste 
  • Verify process control validations through test results  

Implementing the IP67 test standard or other IPX test certifications into your manufacturing processes can help you determine how well your product performs and functions in relation to intended ingress standards, including:  

  • Water ingress contamination (waterproof) 
  • Dust ingress contamination 
  • Fluid ingress contamination  

The IP67 waterproof test designation is applicable to all products that are tested for resistance to dust ingress contamination and water ingress or other fluid ingress contamination. IP testing is typically performed by using air pressure or vacuum to simulate the environmental conditions to which the product will be exposed in typical, everyday use.  

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The IP67 Testing Equipment Experts 

There are countless reasons why manufactured products, parts, and components may be defective. With IP67 test equipment from CTS, you can detect these defects quickly and easily, before they cause problems for you or your customer. See how IP67 leak testing works and what the most common leak test methods are.  

Our ingress protection testing technologies are the ideal way to ensure conformance to IPX water ingress (IP67, IP69, IP69K) contamination requirements and include testing capabilities to simulate exposure to dust, dirt, condensation, liquids, and pressure.  

Contact CTS for Complete IPXX Testing Solutions

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