Sentinel MH — Compact, Modular, Industrial Leak Tester 

The CTS Sentinel MH is a proven leak test solution with thousands of installations worldwide. It provides high-resolution leak test measurements with fast, repeatable results in a compact, modular design. It supports multiple differential pressure and mass flow test types and comes with CTSnet LT software for easy instrument setup and management.
Side view of a row of  Sentinel MH leak test instrument

Scalable Pressure or Flow Leak Testing 

The Sentinel MH is an advanced, multi-function differential pressure leak test and mass flow instrument designed to achieve high-resolution measurements with fast and repeatable results. 
  • High-speed leak testing for improved cycle times
  • Modular mounting capabilities offer scalable installation options and reduced system volume
  • PLC communications via serial or Ethernet/IP, PROFINET connectivity
  • Multiple programmable inputs and outputs to meet your I/O needs
  • Proven technology used to test millions of electronic devices
  • CTSnet LT software sets up easily and lets you connect to and manage other leak test instruments

Compact, Scalable Design Ideal for Integration into Machines and Stations

Here are some of the reasons why manufacturers choose the Sentinel MH:
  • Thanks to its small size, the Sentinel MH can be easily integrated into a test station—either in a single bay with manual fixturing, or in a multi-bay setup with automatic fixturing.
  • CTSnet LT software makes it fast and easy to set up the instrument.
  • Easily and cost-effectively lets you build out to the number of leak test channels you need over time.
  • Because it’s compact and the operator interface is on your PC, you can install it close to the part under test. This reduces system volume flow and provides a more accurate test.
Image shows person looking at PC screen with three rows of Sentinel MH Instruments on their left.



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  • Sentinel MH Brochure


  • CTSnet LT Software Specifications
  • Sentinel MH Datasheet

User Manuals

  • Sentinel MH - User Manual - English
  • Sentinel MH - User Manual - English

Product Drawings

  • Sentinel MH - 2D CAD
  • Sentinel MH - 3D CAD


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