Sentinel Instrument Recalibration Service

Annual calibration of Sentinel instruments is recommended to ensure optimal leak test accuracy and repeatability. If your plant follows any quality standard specifications, it may also be required for compliance with facility certifications.

We offer both on-site and factory certified recalibration services for all CTS instruments.
Circular label showing months, days, years

How to Determine if a CTS Leak Tester Is Due for Calibration

Check your label! CTS leak test instruments purchased or recalibrated since 2020 have a reminder sticker which identifies the month/year of the last calibration. If the instrument does not have a CTS calibration label, it is due for recalibration service. If it has a label, check the date for timing of the next recalibration.

If you are unsure, contact us with the serial number(s) of the instrument(s) and we can let you know.

CTS Instrument Recalibration Options and Requirements

Our goal is to provide the recalibration service you need without causing undue disruption of your day-to-day operations. There are two ways you can get your systems serviced.

Factory Calibration

Return the instrument to our manufacturing facility following the RMA process. This cost-effective option works best if you have one or only a few units to be calibrated and have spares at your plant. Typical calibration time once at the factory is 5-7 business days.

On-site Calibration

Our technician(s) will travel to your facility on a scheduled service call. Your instrument remains connected while we recalibrate and recertify its accuracy. This can be most efficient if there are several leak testers to be serviced or if minimizing machine downtime is a concern.

Request a Quote for Factory or On-site Leak Tester Recalibration

Please provide the serial number(s) of the instruments and preferred service option.

For on-site calibration, please also include the address or location of the plant and let us know if there are any special requirements for visitors.
Man using a hand-held calibration instrument attached to a CTS leak test unit in a factory.

Our technicians are trained to perform efficient inspection and recalibration of your instruments with limited downtime so that you can get back to production.

CTS’ Instrument Recalibration Process

Calibration service includes:

  • Thorough pressure and flow circuit tests to determine instrument accuracy across all pressure ranges
  • Each transducer range is digitally recalibrated using a multi-point pressure calibration process and, if equipped, a multi-point flow calibration process
  • All services performed using our A2LA (1667.01)-accredited calibration process
  • All calibration services performed with certified gages traceable to NIST standards
  • Complete instrument system backup to a USB flash drive
  • CTS Recalibration Summary certificate provided after service

Download the Sentinel instrument recalibration flyer for a printable version of our calibration services.

Certified Recalibration to A2LA Accuracy Standards

The CTS factory calibration lab is A2LA (1667.01)-Accredited and equipment calibration processes are ISO 17025 accredited. CTS uses NIST traceable pressure calibration and flow calibration systems in our instrument calibration services.

Get CTS to track and manage your calibration requirements

If you have a large number of CTS instruments in your plant, you may want to consider a CTS preventive maintenance program!  Learn more.