Durable Pneumatic Connectors & Pneumatic Fittings

Get a reliable, long-lasting seal with a CTS Connect! Manufactured with proprietary seal materials, our quick connectors and pneumatic fittings are made to resist wear and are resistant to all types of fluids and chemicals. Patented designs also reduce wear to increase the life of the seal. Used in many applications from vacuum pressure to 2500 psig—such as leak testing, filling, cleaning, burst testing, pressure testing, flushing, charging systems, proving integrity, and part handling. Our customers love the fast shipping on standard models!
Image of I28 Leak Test Station With CTS Connects

Pneumatic Couplings & Connectors for All Applications

CTS Connects are made to effectively seal on smooth, rough or threaded circular features of a part. All feature our unique seal materials and deliver long seal life.

Air Actuated Seals

Hand Sealed, Manual Pneumatic Connectors

Custom Pneumatic Seals and Components

To fit your irregularly shaped seal surfaces, we also custom-manufacture specialty pneumatic and hand-operated seals and pneumatic connectors. CTS excels at providing customized designs for the most unique sealing applications and offers seal materials in various levels of hardness and tensile strength to meet your requirements.

Easy to Use Pneumatic Connectors for Smooth Bores and Threaded Applications

CTS Connect products include a full line of standard pneumatic connectors, pneumatic tube fittings, and luer connectors in air-actuated or hand-operated designs. Our pneumatic components are engineered to meet standard, metric, SAE, and other sealing requirements and include a variety of products, including:

  • Pneumatic seals with an inside or outside connect
  • Pneumatic hand seals for light clamping and sealing applications
  • Pneumatic fittings including luer fittings and adapters
 Image shows person with hand positioning a CTS Connect on a leak test station

Effective Sealing and CTS Connects

Access this webinar to learn more about CTS Connect products.

Custom and Specialty Sealing Fittings and Components

CTS offers custom face sealing designs, custom shapes for inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) sealing, dual ID/OD applications, and a range of specialty seals.
 Image shows range of cut and molded seals in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Need a replacement seal for your connector?

Check out our line of customized industrial seals.

Talk to Us about Your Sealing Design

Request a quote for the pneumatic seals and pneumatic fittings your application requires or contact us to learn more about our high-performance CTS Connect products.



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