From headlights to taillights,
we have tested it all!

Get 40+ years of leak test expertise for your application.

Automotive Leak and Function Test Solutions

Automotive manufacturers need function and leak test systems that can keep up with the demands of the industry. Leaks can result in recalls, customer dissatisfaction, and affect safety. We’ve worked extensively with OEMs and tier suppliers around the world to provide leak detection for powertrain, components and assemblies on the production line—to find defective parts before they leave the factory. Our automotive test solutions have helped manufacturers improve quality while addressing challenges such as high volume production, complex assemblies, and changing standards. During our 40+ years, we’ve tested everything that can leak in a vehicle: from headlights to taillights and anything in between, CTS has you covered.

Leak Detection for Automotive Manufacturing

From ICE to EVs, CTS offers reliable, accurate and cost-effective leak testing. With a broad product range covering all leading leak test technologies, we’ll get you the right solution for your automotive assembly, sub-assembly, or component testing requirements.

Leak and Flow Instrumentation for Automotive Test Systems

CTS instruments can be used right off the shelf or customized to meet your requirements. Our leak testing systems offer the sensitivity, accuracy, and traceability needed to comply with today’s tighter manufacturing standards. Choosing the right leak test is important, as using the incorrect method can lead to inaccurate test results. 

Air Flow Leak Test Equipment

Whether you need mass flow test systems, pressure testing equipment or vacuum leak test systems, CTS’s line of instruments covers a broad array of test types. For repeatable testing, fast cycle times, and operator-friendly leak and flow testers, we’ve become the choice for automotive manufacturers around the world.

Custom and Standard Helium Leak Testing Solutions

We deliver cost-effective and innovative answers to the most complex testing questions in the automotive industry. Whether the application involves LEV III standards, airbags, fuel cells, batteries, and braking systems, CTS is uniquely positioned to offer helium leak testing solutions where the requirements preclude the use of pressure or flow technologies.

Functional Test and Calibration Systems

CTS designs and builds automated function test and calibration equipment for hydrostatic testing, solenoid calibration, and other automotive applications. Our automotive test systems are integrated into lean cells, palletized systems, or transfer lines, while material handling can be manual or fully automated loading and unloading.

Contact CTS For Reliable Leak Testing of Vehicle Assemblies

Exposure to thousands of automotive applications has enabled us to develop a diverse range of capabilities and insight into function, calibration, and leak testing for all parts of a vehicle. Contact us to learn more about how CTS can help with your specific test requirements.