Accumulation Tracer Gas Systems

The tracer gas accumulation test is a leak detection method similar to the atmospheric sniffing test method. Both use the same instrumentation, but accumulation tracer gas systems use an enclosure to isolate the part from ambient background and contain the tracer gas. Once the tracer gas has accumulated, a mass spectrometer measures how much, if any, gas is leaking from the test part.  

Accumulation Tracer Gas Systems Provide Several Testing Benefits

  • Better accuracy than atmospheric sniff testing
  • Can detect leaks in the range of 1x10-5 scc/s
  • Does not require the use of a vacuum chamber
  • Parts can be manually or automatically loaded and unloaded 
An important consideration is that tracer gas accumulation tests are most effective when atmospheric background is controlled because fluctuations of tracer gas atmospheric ppm will affect the leak rate measurement. The test time required may also be longer than other tracer gas leak test methods, depending upon the configuration of your system.  
Image of a tracer gas accumulation station with HMI and enclosure.

Tracer Gas Accumulation Tests for Improved Leak Detection Sensitivity 

Accumulation tracer gas systems provide an alternate type of tracer gas leak testing when atmospheric background is controlled. Instead of measuring the leak directly on the part, accumulation systems analyze the concentration of tracer gas in an enclosed chamber. Test cycle time for accumulation tracer gas leak testing is typically longer than sniff leak testing. However, it provides increased sensitivity and can detect leaks in the range of 1 x 10-5 scc/s.

Tracer gas accumulation test chambers are typically custom designed to minimize the space around the test part. This method of leak detection involves measuring the concentration level increase of the tracer gas as it accumulates in the test chamber. A good measurement occurs when the rate of rise equates to 100 ppm. The volume of the air space around the part in the chamber dictates the amount of test time necessary to achieve a measurable and repeatable tracer gas change in concentration.  

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