Our Leak Test Experience Spans Many Industries

Each industry has its own standards and requirements for leak testing components and assemblies. The purpose of these standards is to ensure the integrity of assembled parts and prevent defects that lead to costly recalls. For industries like medical device manufacturing and automotive, leaking products pose a serious risk to consumers. Minimizing leak issues is a priority for any manufacturer, but not all leak testing instrumentation delivers the reliability and traceability you need. 

At Cincinnati Test Systems, we provide the broadest portfolio of test instrumentation and verification equipment, covering all common leak test methods. Manufacturers across many sectors rely on our 40+ years of expertise to get the right leak detection solutions to help them ship leak-free products. 
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Leak Testing Instrumentation and Sealing Solutions for Industrial Applications

Since 1981, Cincinnati Test Systems has manufactured test instruments and custom leak test systems that support over 50,000 test applications around the globe. We are recognized as the leader in function and leak test systems experienced in calibration, leak, flow, pressure, vacuum, hydraulic, force, tracer gas test and helium reclaim solutions. We offer turnkey systems that include design, manufacture, and global application support of custom test solutions.  

We carry a variety of in-stock and out-of-the-box solutions for leak testing applications and offer full design and manufacturing services when customization is required. Learn more about our capabilities below or contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and services.

Flexible Leak Detection Equipment

Ensuring product integrity throughout the development and manufacturing process is essential for preventing costly recalls. We design our leak test instruments to handle simple and complex testing applications across a broad range of industries. Using our testing expertise and experience partnering with a wide array of customers, we will help you find the best solution for your testing needs and compliance with industry standards. 

Automotive Industry 

Our automotive leak test instrumentation helps you meet requirements for assembly, sub-assembly, and component-level testing. CTS leak testing technology includes pressure decay, mass flow, pressure gain, and burst/proof testing solutions, as well as tracer gas techniques using helium and hydrogen/nitrogen gases for low-level leak applications and leak location. 

Powertrain Manufacturing 

Use our leak detection instrumentation to test final assembly engines and transmissions along with other engine components or assemblies for reliability and performance. Our powertrain turnkey testing solutions include flow and calibration, hydrostatic and hydraulic pressure, mass flow and pressure decay leak tests, signature analysis, and more.  

Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing 

Our experience in a wide range of demanding applications gives CTS the knowledge and experience to help EV battery manufacturers determine their requirements in this emerging market. Whether air or tracer gas is the desired solution, we have the leak test instruments to address challenges such as uncertain leak rates and vulnerability to temperature and atmospheric pressure changes. 

Consumer Goods Manufacturing 

Our solutions for consumer goods include leak, flow, and burst instruments that meet a broad spectrum of testing requirements. Use CTS leak verification instruments to test products ranging from electronic devices to lawn and garden equipment and everything in-between. 

Energy Sector 

We partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy over a decade ago to explore testing methods for high volume fuel cell manufacturing. Since then, we’ve continued delivering advanced technology to the energy sector. CTS covers the full spectrum by providing green energy leak test instrumentation along with solutions for fuel cells, solar energy systems, and battery programs. 

HVAC/R Industry 

Heating and cooling system components such as valves, hoses, and seals are prone to leaks. Ensuring the integrity of HVAC/R components and final assemblies requires testing at each stage of the assembly process. Use our pressure technologies to identify large leak rates and tracer gas technologies for micro leaks. Tracer gas leak detection instruments are utilized to test condensers, coils, compressors, heat exchangers, tubing, and more. 

Medical Device Manufacturing 

Leaks in medical devices place the comfort and safety of patients at risk. Thorough diagnostic testing is crucial in preventing costly and potentially life-threatening product defects. Our team partners with you during product development as our CTS leak test instrumentation provides manufacturers with the effectiveness and accuracy required for testing bags, catheters, tubing, and other medical devices. 

Military and Defense 

The military’s stringent testing guidelines help ensure quality and prevent the failure of critical components. CTS understands these guidelines and helped develop testing systems for ammunition and fire suppression containers. Our leak test instrumentation can be used for the most sensitive military applications. 

Other Transportation 

Our leak verification instruments include vacuum decay, pressure decay, differential, and mass flow testing systems for air brake systems, hydraulic components, cabin cooling systems, gas tanks, emissions systems, and other applications. We also provide customizable hydraulic leak, flow, and burst test measurement systems for the transportation industry.  

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