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At Cincinnati Test Systems we deliver state-of-the-art leak test instrumentation and verification equipment, leak test systems, and leak test solutions for a broad range of industrial applications. Pneumatic leak test systems are used by various industries to provide leak testing of critical parts and components using compressed air or inert gases. Our turnkey solutions are utilized by industries including automotive, consumer goods, HVAC, medical and several others.

Leak Testing Instrumentation and Sealing Solutions for Industrial Applications

Since 1981 Cincinnati Test Systems has manufactured test instruments and custom leak test systems and supports over 25,000 test applications around the globe. Our company is recognized as the leader in function and leak test systems experienced in calibration, leak, flow, pressure, vacuum, hydraulic, force, tracer gas test and helium reclaim solutions. We offer turnkey systems that include design, manufacture and global application support of custom test solutions.
We carry a variety of in-stock and out-of-the-box solutions for leak testing applications and offer full design and manufacturing services when customization is required. Learn more about our capabilities below or contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and services.
  • Leak Testing Solutions: We provide leak test solutions that include some of the most technically advanced testing and detection equipment available. Whether you need mass flow test systems, pressure testing equipment or vacuum leak test systems, we can help you find the right option for your testing application.
  • Leak Detection Equipment: Our equipment comes standard with advanced features and testing algorithms to provide fast, reliable and repeatable results. We offer several high-performance leak detection equipment options and accessories to ensure you find the right system for your testing requirements.
  • CTS Connect Pneumatic Fittings: We carry a full line of standard and custom pneumatic connectors, seals and fittings that feature our proprietary seal materials for superior resistance to water, chemicals and other fluids. Our line of pneumatic fittings is engineered for sealing reliability and are available for smooth bores and threaded applications.
  • Industrial Seals: With over 1,000 types of in-stock, standard seals available, we can provide the right solution for your industrial seal needs. Our high-quality industrial seals are available in three material options for standard, heavy-duty, and medical or food-grade applications. We also offer custom seals customers with unique sealing requirements.

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