Helium Reclaim Capacity Calculator

Use this calculator to see the cost savings of implementing a helium reclaim system.

Tracer Gas Recovery System Sizing Capacity

Start by determining the size of the reclaim system required. The resulting capacity will autofill the second part of the calculator.

Step 1/2
Number of Machines
Test Pressure PSIG
Part and Manifold Volume CC
Cycle Time (Part to Part) Seconds
Capacity SCFM

Tracer Gas Recovery System ROI Calculator

Step 2/2
With CTS Gas Recovery System       Without Recovery
Total Work Days / Week / Week
Total Shifts / Work Day / Day
Hours / Shift / Shift
Recovery Efficiency
Tracer Gas Mix
Tracer Gas Price / SCF
Equipment Price
Tracer Gas Total Yearly Usage SCF/YR SCF/YR
Calculated Tracer Gas $$$ Spent / Yr
Annual Cost Savings:

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