Leak Test Remote Connection Software

CTSnet LT provides great flexibility in managing Sentinel MH, Sentinel I28, Sentinel LPC 528, and Sentinel Blackbelt instruments. The simple user interface makes it easy to set up new leak test parameters, sequences, and testing programs from the comfort of your desk or with a laptop at your machine. From setup to controlling the leak test instruments while reviewing data to monitor testing performance, CTSnet provides an efficient, convenient method to interface with your leak test instrumentation.
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Monitor and Control Instruments from Your PC

Your team can easily discover CTS leak test instruments that are present on your plant’s network. Use CTSnet LT to connect and manage your instruments, securely from anywhere at any time, through a single intuitive dashboard. It’s as simple as popping open a laptop and using either a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.
Start and stop leak tests in real time and calibrate test programs. View I/O tests in real time. View local history and test cycle waveform data in a variety of ways. 

Configure Leak Test Parameters Remotely

Configure a leak instrument’s available parameters to set up and save a test program. Set test pressure ranges and timers for all stages of the test cycle, depending on the type of leak test you want to run. You can also perform calibrations of electronic regulators.

Simplified Leak Tester Management

CTSnet LT can reduce test setup time: you can copy/paste your custom test programs to quickly configure another instrument. CTSnet LT also eliminates the headaches around firmware updates. Push updates out to leak test instruments over your plant’s network with a PC, without having to physically access each instrument out on the floor.

Reporting and Exporting of Leak Test Data

The software allows you to review waveforms and other data generated by each test cycle, which can facilitate setup and test optimization. Historical leak test data can be retrieved at any time. Export your configuration details, calibrations, and test results as .txt delimited data. You can use CTSnet LT to backup up and restore programs and instrument settings.

Best of all, it’s free

CTSnet LT is available with your CTS leak test instruments at no extra cost. The software is currently shipped with our Sentinel MH, Sentinel I28 and Sentinel Blackbelt instruments, with other integrations pending.

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