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The LPC 528 leak test instrument is characterized by excellent measuring accuracy, simple intuitive operation and durability. The LPC 528 specializes in the use of both pressure decay and differential pressure decay leak test technologies. The LPC 528 is the newest instrument in our leak test line up introduced in Europe by our German company CTS-Schreiner. Additionaly this instrument is supplied with an Auto Set-up mode integrated with all the other test types that CTS has developed for simplicity in leak test.

Testing Technologies           

  • Pressure/ vacuum decay- ΔP
  • Pressure/ vacuum decay- ΔP/ΔT
  • Pressure/ vacuum decay- leak standard
  • Differential Pressure Decay (ΔP)
  • Differential Pressure Decay Leak Rate (DP Test Type Only)
  • Differential Pressure Decay leak standard
  • Occlusion

Product Highlights

  • Unique auto test setup
  • Multilingual software
  • RS232, Ethernet, and USB ports
  • TCP/IP (Telnet), EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET communication
  • Color graphic display
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compact modular design
  • Self-test diagnostic verification
  • Sealed device leak test (IP6X, IP67 capabilities)
  • English, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish language options


Advanced Product Features

  • High speed 32 bit processor
  • 32 freely programmable measuring programs
  • RS232 and TCP/IP (Telnet) as communication interfaces
  • External calibration port for automatic calibration routine using calibrated leak standard
  • Environmental drift correction
  • Data collection & storage of up to 5,000 test results
  • Real-time data transmission (0.05 seconds) via RS232
  • Absolute pressure transducer
  • High resolution 24 bit A/D converter
  • Versatile test capabilities including pressure/vacuum decay, differential pressure decay, and occlusion
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Quick test function to reduce cycle times
  • Self-test functions: internal pneumatic leak check, calibration test, transducer


Measurement Range

  Pressure Decay Vacuum Decay Differential Pressure Decay Differential Vacuum Decay
Test Pressure Range 0 to 13.8 bar (gauge)
0 to 200 psig
-1 to 0 bar (gauge)
-14.5 to 0 psig
0 to 13.8 bar (gauge)
0 to 200.15 psig
0 to 13.8 bar (gauge)
0 to 200.15 psig
Test Pressure Control Accuracy 1.5 % FS 1.5 % FS 1.5 % FS 1.5 % FS
Measuring Range -1 to 13.8 bar (gauge)
-14.5 to 200 psig
-1 to 0.4 bar (gauge)
-14.5 to 5.8 psig
0 to 0.345 bar (differential)
0 to 5 psig
0 to 0.345 bar (differential)
0 to 5 psig
Measuring Accuracy ±0.4 % FS ±0.4 % FS ±0.006 % FS ±0.006 % FS
Resolution <6.8 bar: 0.1 Pa
<13.8: 1 Pa
  1. Pa
.00001 psig
0.0007 Pa
1 x 10 -8 psig
0.0007 Pa
1 x 10 -8 psig


  • Communication via RS232, USB, Ethernet and PROFINET (optional); includes parameters, results, counters and statistics at baud rates up to 115,200 for RS232
  • Tooling control for simple applications
  • Digital I/O - 6 inputs/3 outputs independently set per part program
  • Expanded control through EtherNet/IP™ communication

Test Data Storage

  • Up to 5000 LIFO part results including date, time, and test results
  • SPC data tracking for part traceability
  • Expandable download through USB port
  • External test data storage and wave form analysis through interface with the QualityWorX CTS DataHub

All CTS instruments include password protected program and test result storage. Normal delivery for standard instruments is 2-4 weeks plus delivery time, specialized design deliveries will be quoted with additional time. Contact Us to select the proper standard test instrument for your application.

CTS has more than 30 years of experience perfecting high precision, repeatable and reliable instruments to optimize the most demanding leak test applications in any manufacturing environment. CTS application engineers can help you develop a custom solution specifically suited to your needs. See the “Custom Instrument” section for a brief overview of our capabilities.

You can trust CTS to provide you with the right solution to fit your specific testing requirement.


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