Sentinel LPC 528 – Benchtop Pressure or Flow Leak Tester

The LPC 528 leak test instrument is characterized by excellent measuring accuracy, simple, intuitive operation, and durability. It is the benchtop version of the Sentinel C28 with the difference that it can be delivered as either a pressure decay/differential pressure decay tester or a mass flow test instrument. 
Front view of a Sentinel LPC-528 instrument with screen showing test results.

LPC 528 Leak Testing Technologies and Highlights 

The Sentinel LPC 528 is a highly versatile, single-channel benchtop instrument supplying accurate and repeatable measurement in a proven, standard platform. It is designed to meet many basic test requirements using multiple test types with pressure, vacuum, or flow testing options. The LPC 528 can execute single or up to two linked tests in a user-programmed sequence or be easily integrated with a PLC. Combined with its ability to control up to 2 independent  tooling motions, a single instrument can control the operations of many simple test fixtures for a cost-effective  approach to benchtop testing.

Pressure Leak Testing Technologies
  • Pressure/ vacuum decay- ΔP
  • Pressure/ vacuum decay- ΔP/ΔT
  • Pressure/ vacuum decay- leak standard
  • Differential Pressure Decay (ΔP)
  • Differential Pressure Decay Leak Rate (DP Test Type Only)
  • Differential Pressure Decay leak standard
  • Occlusion
Flow Testing Technologies
  • Mass Flow
  • Mass Flow – Leak Standard
Product Highlights
  • Unique auto test setup
  • Multilingual software: English, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish language options
  • RS232, Ethernet, and USB ports
  • TCP/IP (Telnet), EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET communication
  • Color graphic display
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compact modular design
  • Self-test diagnostic verification


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  • Sentinel LPC 528 Brochure


  • Sentinel LPC 528 Datasheet

User Manuals

  • Sentinel LPC 528 - User Manual - English
  • Sentinel LPC 528 - User Manual - English

Product Drawings

  • Sentinel LPC 528 - 2D CAD
  • Sentinel LPC 528 - 3D CAD

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