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CTS helps you verify that devices meet your leak and dust ingress specifications

Dust-proof, Leak-proof Consumer Electronics

As a manufacturer of a consumer device, your specifications promise a certain performance of your product when exposed to water and dust. Customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and ultimately, market share can be impacted if promised conditions aren’t met. At CTS, we provide leak detection systems to test each device in production to ensure they meet your target rates for ingress protection.

Our solutions successfully test millions of devices in plants globally every year. Our broad portfolio of leak test instruments and extensive experience enable us to provide the test method and solution adapted to the requirements of your device. Talk to us for expert advice on how to leak test your product.

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Leak Testing to Meet IP67 Specification on Electronic and Sealed Devices

The IPXX rating system is increasingly used as a performance standard for water and dust ingress in devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and smart watches. The rating system provides a performance target but does not tell you how to achieve or measure it—that’s where we can help. From addressing the challenges of a product (such as testing a sealed device) to determining the leak rate and selecting the appropriate leak test technology, we can get you a solution adapted to the requirements of your part.

Apple CEO visits Cincinnati Test Systems

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, visited Cincinnati Test Systems in Harrison, OH to discuss the leak testing work undertaken with CTS to help make water resistance and dust protection possible for Apple devices. 

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