Find even the smallest leaks in heating and cooling assemblies and components.

Leak Testing for HVAC/R Assemblies

Leaks, even very small ones, can affect the performance of air conditioners, refrigerators, heating systems or any equipment that relies on a closed system. Leak testing of pipe joints, tubes and fittings in heating and cooling components such as coils and compressors during manufacturing assembly is critical to meet industry standards and customer’s expectations.

At CTS, we have a full range of proven leak test solutions using a variety of test methods available to support manufacturers of residential and commercial HVAC/R products throughout the assembly process. Our HVAC testing equipment can be used for a broad spectrum of test configurations for many different products.

Rely on CTS leak detection for a range of components, including:

  • Compressors
  • Evaporators
  • Condensers
  • Coils
  • Valves
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Tubing (long and short variations)
  • Pressure Switches
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Industry-Leading HVAC Testing Equipment for Reliable Leak Testing

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CTS provides tracer gas leak test instruments that offer more value-added features than any others on the market. Our leak detection equipment uses standard testing capabilities including basic sniffer mode and pressure decay, or it can be modified with optional and advanced test types based on your requirements.

Testing equipment and leak test accessories from CTS are used by HVAC/R manufacturers around the world. Wherever you are, CTS products can help you ensure that you’re heating and cooling products adhere to environmental standards.

Our line of HVAC leak detection products includes:

  • CS evacuation, charge, and fill instrumentation
  • CS instrumentation that communicates with Tracer Gas Detection Devices
  • Standard and custom gas reclaim or recovery systems
  • Standard gas mixer systems
  • Tracer gas leak standards
  • Standard and custom pneumatic and manual seal connectors
  • Patented clam shell technology for repeatable tracer gas measurement

Effective Leak Testing for HVAC/R Components

Access the webinar to find the right leak test method for your HVAC/R component and tips on how to improve your current leak test.

Leak Testing to Meet Environmental Standards in Refrigeration Systems

The shift to more energy-efficient and environmentally safe refrigerants, such as R1234yf and R600, is leading manufacturers to adapt their products to the new standards. Some of these refrigerants can be flammable and tend to be more expensive than previous options, which means manufacturers are designing the systems to use less gas. The result is that the allowable and designated leak of refrigerant from a product has become even smaller.

With the permissible leak rate now at 0.5 grams of refrigerant loss per year, leak testing needs to be very precise. This is comparable to one 3mm bubble being released underwater every 1.2 hours or the mid 10-6 range. Our tracer gas leak test solutions have helped manufacturers reliably test to these rates.

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HVAC Leak Detection Equipment for Components and Assemblies

To ensure heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and refrigeration systems stabilization and efficiency it is important to perform leak tests during manufacturing and as part of a preventative maintenance program.


We supply instrumentation and turnkey HVAC leak detection test systems with proven performance for testing individual components, sub-assemblies and final assemblies. Our models are available at 700 psig and at customized higher pressures.

Additionally, our refrigerant leak detection equipment works with many Tracer Gas Detection devices using various tracer gases like: Helium – He, Hydrogen – H2, Carbon Dioxide – C02, and different percentages of mixtures with Nitrogen. 

Causes of Leaks in HVAC/R Products

HVAC/R systems contain a range of components that can leak, such as seals, hoses, valves, or joint fittings. These leaks can be the result of manufacturing issues and defective assembly or due to continuous pressure, vibration, or general wear. Conducting leak tests during manufacturing ensures system stabilization and efficiency. 

Testing Water & Refrigerant Leaks in Manufactured Assemblies

This free guide will help you choose the right testing methodology for your refrigerant system and optimize your current testing process.

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Talk to a Leak Test Expert

We provide a range of HVAC leak testing solutions to meet your specialized needs. Contact us for your standard and custom HVAC/R testing equipment and to learn more about our testing technologies.