Leak Simulator to Verify Calibration of Your Leak Tester

The Leak Simulator from CTS partner company, innomatec, is an easy way to verify the calibration of your leak test instrument. Its ability to measure real mass flow, independent of pressure or temperature changes, makes it unique. It works with all CTS and innomatec systems and can be plugged or connected to most types of other branded leak testers. Easy to set up, featuring inlet and outlet port threads, this flow meter is an ideal tool for ensuring leak test systems are working accurately to specifications.

Front view of a Leak Simulator with digital screen activated.

Flow Meter to Measure Leak Instrument Calibration

The Leak Simulator is a flow meter that verifies a leak test instrument is correctly calibrated to a specified leak rate. When connected to a test instrument, it measures and displays the flow rate at the external orifice port. With special adaptors, it can also be used as an inline flow meter to verify instrument setup. 

With a wide range of measurement units for normal and standard flow as well as other units, the Leak Simulator also provides high accuracy and repeatability in a compact design. It features an intuitive user interface, delivered via a touchscreen display. featuring inlet and outlet port threads, the Leak Simulator is powered by an internal AA battery.  

  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Can be used with positive or negative pressure
  • Inlet and outlet port threads
  • Powered by AA battery or micro-USB cable (included)
  • Touchscreen display for its intuitive user interface
  • Compact design
  • Plugs directly into instrument external leak port
Image of front-facing leak simulator with digital screen on and with arrows and icons showing the types of pressure and vacuum coupling connectors
The Leak Simulator comes in two different models / measuring ranges. The DF-10/50 has a range of 0.6-50 cc/min and the DF-10/500 features a range of 6-500 cc/min.

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  • DF-10/50 has a range of 0.6-50 cc/min 
  • DF-10/500 features a range of 6-500 cc/min.