TracerMate II – Flexible, Automated Solution for Detecting Microleaks

The TracerMate II is a leak test and tracer gas management instrument that works with a mass spectrometer or gas analyzer to detect very small leaks by measuring for a concentration of helium or hydrogen gas escaping from a sealed part. Ideal for manufacturers in transportation, HVAC, appliances and industrial markets, when part types and leak rates mean that standard pressure or flow technologies aren't appropriate.
Image shows angled view of TracerMate II instrument

Tired of the dunk tank? Meet the TracerMate II

Watch this video to learn how you can eliminate messy, destructive bubble tests in favor of an automated leak test solution using tracer gas.

Leak Testing Using Helium, Hydrogen/Nitrogen (forming gas) or other gases (CO2, Argon)

CTS has designed the TracerMate II with capabilities that offer more value-added features than any other evacuation/charge units on the market.
Image looking up at a TracerMate II mounted on a wall with canisters in foreground.
  • Leak Location with Sniffer Testing: Find a Leak and Fix it!
  • Leak Location after Pressure Decay 
  • Accumulation Test 
  • Hard Vacuum Test
  • CS evacuation, charge, and fill instrumentation
  • CS instrumentation that communicates with Tracer Gas Detection Devices
  • Standard and custom gas reclaim or recovery systems
  • Standard gas mixer systems
  • Tracer gas leak standards
  • Standard and custom pneumatic and manual seal connectors
  • Patented Nitrogen Purge, clamshell technology for repeatable tracer gas measurement

TracerMate II Product Highlights

  • Leak rate resolution: 0.0005 scc/min
  • Programmable: 12 inputs and 12 outputs
  • Tooling control, up to 5 motions with feedback
  • Supports communications with most tracer gas leak detectors
  • Simple, multilingual user interface
  • Works with various gases: helium, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen mixtures
  • Supports pressure and vacuum up to 750 psi as standard, with custom options available
  • Up to 4 pressure sources (manual or electric pressure regulation)

There are many types of leak tests using tracer gas.

Watch our webinar on The Essentials of Tracer Gas Leak Testing to learn more about them.

Close-up view of TracerMate II screen showing test results.

Why Choose the TracerMate II for Tracer Gas Leak Detection

  • Flexibility to let you choose the tracer gas type and gas analyzer brand. Don’t want to use helium? You can still use TracerMate II.
  • High resolution leak test and leak location detection in one solution: you don’t have to buy two separate systems to do these tests and you can do them at a single station.
  • Enables move from the dunk tank to a fully dry, non-destructive, automated process. Get more sensitive and accurate tests and documentation of results.
  • It makes testing easy. Based on a proven platform, user-friendly and PLC-independent, it is also easy to maintain.



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  • TracerMate II HVAC-R
  • TracerMate II Nitrogen Purge System
  • TracerMate II Brochure
  • TracerMate Leak Location Sniffer Solution


  • TracerMate II Specifications

User Manuals

  • TracerMate II - User Manual - English
  • TracerMate II - User Manual - English

Product Drawings

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  • TracerMate II - 3D CAD

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Detect Very Fine Leak with CTS Tracer Gas Solutions

If you need assistance in automating a leak test to meet very low leak rate targets, contact us. 
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