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Test Systems for the Manufacturing of Military Equipment

The military has some of the most stringent testing guidelines of any industry to ensure quality and prevent failure that could lead to catastrophic events. During manufacturing assembly, leak detection testing is one of several methods used to verify the integrity of critical components and equipment. 

We have decades of experience creating effective testing solutions for defense-related industries by providing advanced functional leak testing and leak detection systems for the most sensitive applications. Our comprehensive capabilities and solutions allow us to address the diversity of and apply the best technology to the products used by our military personnel.

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Trusted Solutions for Military Component Testing

We provide functional leak testing, helium leak testing, and burst test solutions for verifying the integrity of mission critical military hardware.

We also offer manufacturing test equipment with custom functions based on your testing requirements. Our team understands the strict requirements and can help you come up with the perfect solution for military component testing. 

Our experience has been applied to service the needs of the military in testing components, sub-systems and assemblies that are subjected to harsh environmental conditions. 

Leak Testing Military-grade Optical Sighting Devices

Optical devices such as night vision goggles, rifle scopes, laser sights and cameras all need to be resistant to contaminants and changes in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure to ensure proper performance. From testing to an IP67 standard or using alternate methods such as vacuum leak testing based on the type of component and its design, CTS provides solutions that covers the requirements.

Female soldier wearing helmet using four-eyed night vision goggles in dark background.

Military Test Equipment for Ammunition

An ordinance manufacturer needed functional leak testing method that allowed them to test both 7.62mm and 50 caliber rounds in the same test stand. Based on these requirements, CTS developed a four-station test stand that could accommodate both types of ammunition and utilized Sentinel and CTS Connect leak instrumentation. By using our military test equipment, the manufacturer was able to reduce wasted audit rounds, which provided cost savings.

Military Leak Detection Testing for Fire Suppression Canisters

Fire suppression canisters are carried in military vehicles to extinguish fires resulting from fuel malfunctions or collisions. The canisters require stringent leak testing prior to distribution to ensure they are free of moisture that could affect their performance. To meet these requirements, we developed a helium mass spectrometer test stand that can measure extremely low leak rates to help ensure long life functionality of the product.

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