Leak Detection Instruments for Quality Manufacturing

No matter how meticulously designed or precision-engineered, even the best products can experience manufacturing defects that can cause leaks outside of allowable specifications. Whether it’s gas or liquid leaking from a part or water or dust making it into an assembly, leak testing is a manufacturer’s front line defense to meet performance expectations. For over 40 years, it has been our mission to provide leak test systems and solutions to production lines of all types to ensure quality parts are shipped.

This has led us to build the industry’s largest selection of standard and customizable leak test instruments for all common air flow and helium/trace gas leak test methods. This extensive product portfolio means that at CTS, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We are able to offer a leak tester that meets your specific part, application, plant requirements, and budget. Our leak test experts are here to help you find the right approach to your leak test.

Test station showing I28 instrument on the left hand side with woman on right looking up at another screen, with hand on I28 navigation buttons.

The Leader in Leak and Flow Testing

With the right leak testing process, products perform as expected, the amount of production waste is reduced, and the cost of operation is minimized. CTS’s family of instruments are accurate and repeatable, based on a proven platform of excellence. They are easy to use and easy to configure. Off the shelf or custom engineered, they incorporate a simplicity in design that allows the instruments to be affordable without sacrificing precision. A leak testing instrument from Cincinnati Test Systems delivers reliable, reproducible data to improve the manufacturing process.

Browse our full range of leak test instruments for pressure and flow testing.

Accurate, Affordable Leak Testing for Every Application

Not every application is complex. There are times when a simple leak tester is the best fit. For basic applications, Cincinnati Test Systems has several simple, low-cost leak testing options that can accommodate single-test options. Despite their simplicity, these leak testers offer quick cycle time, superior performance and accuracy, and easy maintenance. 

Simplify the Test Process With Multi-functional Instrumentation

Product integrity translates to value, high quality, and an end-product that functions exactly how it was intended. In many manufacturing processes, multiple tests are needed to ensure product integrity. Cincinnati Test Systems streamlines multiple tests into a single, high-performing, multi-channel leak tester that can handle up to four individual tests in a single, integrated unit. Performing different test methods with a single multifunctional instrument reduces expenses, speeds the test process, and saves valuable laboratory space. Additionally, CTS leak testers can control tooling motions without PLC programming. This simplifies the test process and reduces set up costs. 

Benchtop Leak Testing for Laboratory & Industrial Applications


When space is at a premium, small-footprint instruments that can fit on a benchtop are necessary. Cincinnati Test Systems offers several benchtop leak test options for mass flow, pressure decay, function tests, pressure testing, and more. Our in-house team of engineering experts stands ready to help you determine which option is best for your specific application. Our leak testers are technologically advanced, high-performing, and extremely accurate, no matter the application. 

Turnkey Test Solutions

Cincinnati Test Systems provides end-to-end leak testing solutions, including a full line of standard leak detection equipment, as well as custom-built systems that are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a portable leak tester, a benchtop leak tester, or a leak tester integrated into your manufacturing line, CTS has the right turnkey solution. 

Our leak testing instruments can be combined with CTS’s data management solutions, as well as our manufacturing analytics software, to help you improve parts throughput by optimizing your leak test system.


CTS Connect, our line of pneumatic connectors and pneumatic tube fittings, uses our proprietary seal materials to resist wear and chemical intrusion, for a durable, long-lasting pneumatic seal. 

When portability is necessary, CTS offers turnkey leak test stations, like the TracerMate II HVAC-R Portable Leak Test system. Whatever your needs are, Cincinnati Test Systems makes it easy to automate your leak test. 

The CTS Commitment

Cincinnati Test Systems is committed to the success and security of your system. All CTS instruments include password-protected programming, part and program storage for record recall and analysis. All are CE certified and carry a two-year limited warranty. Normal delivery for all standard instruments is 2-4 weeks plus delivery time. 
Contact us today to select the proper standard test instrument for your application.