Outside Seal and Fill Manual Connectors

The CTS Connect HO series seal on the outer diameter of smooth, rough or threaded features of a part, and allow filling or pressurizing through the fill port. They consist of a cam-driven piston that compresses the CTS-proprietary seal material against the surface of the part, creating a tight seal that meets all test pressure requirements, regardless of surface shape or finish.
Sealing ranges are from 0.030”-1.510” and standard threaded sizes (NPT, Metric, SAE, and BS). Sealing pressure from vacuum to 100 psig, depending upon the port surface finish. The HOF is the base model; the HOH features an ergonomic grip handle for operator comfort.
 Image shows four HO-style manual connectors, two with fill ports and two with ergonomic handles.

Find the HO Connector for Your Application

Benefits include:

  • Superior sealing capability without the risk of scratching the surface of the part
  • Large test/fill port holes for better conductance
  • Easy seal replacement
  • Long seal life

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