Portable Vacuum Gauge

Cincinnati Test Systems’ compact, portable high vacuum leak test gauge uses Pirani gauge technology to verify system vacuum pressures. The CTS digital vacuum gauge with KF16 fitting connects directly to the system vacuum fittings to measure vacuum from 1 Pa to atmosphere. The easy-to-read display indicates pressure in one of three selectable engineering units: view results in Microns, Pascals, or mBar. Easily adapts to luer connectors for validations used with medical applications.
Image shows vacuum gage with digital screen showing 0, inside an open padded case.

What is A Pirani Gauge?

The Pirani gauge, invented by Marcello Pirani in 1906, is a thermal conductivity device consisting of a heated platinum (or other metal) filament suspended in a gas-filled tube that is connected to the system that is being tested. The heated wire loses heat to the surrounding gas; if the gas pressure is reduced, the number of gas molecules colliding with the wire decreases proportionately, and the wire will lose heat more slowly. Heat loss, therefore, can be used to measure pressure changes. CTS’ precision vacuum gauges use reliable Pirani-based technology to ensure precise readings.

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