Sentinel Blackbelt – Single channel, multi-port leak, flow, and blockage test instrument

Sentinel Blackbelt is the industry’s most versatile single-channel, benchtop pressure decay, mass flow leak and blockage tester. One instrument can perform multiple tests to reduce cost and complexity. A top choice for testing disposable medical devices, industrial and medical lab settings.
Image of CTS Sentinel Blackbelt instrument with screen showing an accept screen.

Get Flexible Leak Testing in a Standard Instrument

The Sentinel Blackbelt is a high-precision benchtop instrument providing unmatched flexibility in a proven, standard platform. Popular for medical device leak, flow, and blockage testing and other applications, the Blackbelt can reduce the footprint, complexity and overall cost of your leak test.

The instrument is configured to meet your test requirements. Choose from a vast array of test types and options of one, two, three or four sequential test ports along with many other configurable capabilities. The Blackbelt can operate anything from single tests to multiple tests in a user-programmed sequence. Combined with its ability to control up to 8 independent pneumatic actuation valves or 5  independent tooling motions with feedback, one instrument can do the work of multiple testers and often negate the need for a PLC, offering a cost-effective approach to testing.

  • Designed to deliver accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurement
  • Flexible and customizable to adapt to the needs of your production line
  • Offers multiple ways to export test data for process intelligence
  • Easy to set up through its color display or through a PC interface with CTSnet LT software

New Features

Learn about the features recently added to the Sentinel Blackbelt to provide even more test flexibility.

Configurable for Multiple Tests Using Pressure Decay, Vacuum Decay or Mass Flow Test

The Blackbelt offers the broadest range of test types as a standard instrument in the Sentinel family. More than one test type can be performed by a single instrument.  
  • Pressure & Vacuum Decay Leak
  • Differential Pressure & Vacuum Decay Leak (New!)
  • Sealed Component Leak
  • Blockage/Occlusion
  • Mass Flow
  • Volume Verification
  • Part Pressure Verification
  • Proof
  • Burst
  • Check Valve Cracking Pressure
Image shows turnkey benchtop station with Sentinel Blackbelt on top of a fixture.

Automate your leak testing with a turnkey test solution controlled by a Sentinel Blackbelt instrument

Reduce operator effort and increase efficiency with an automated leak and flow benchtop test system for medical devices. 



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  • Sentinel Blackbelt Brochure


  • CTSnet LT Software Specifications
  • Sentinel Blackbelt Datasheet

User Manuals

  • Sentinel Blackbelt - User Manual - English
  • Sentinel Blackbelt - User Manual - English

Product Drawings

  • Sentinel Blackbelt - 2D CAD
  • Sentinel Blackbelt - 3D CAD

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The most functionality in a benchtop leak test instrument

All CTS instruments are CE certified and carry a two-year limited warranty. Normal delivery for a standard Blackbelt instrument is 4-6 weeks plus delivery time.
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