To All Manufacturers: Your Business Doesn’t Stop And Neither Do We

April 1, 2020 | By Cincinnati Test Systems

Whether ramping up lines to build the products that are in crucial demand right now or planning for the future, Cincinnati Test Systems are your global leak and function test solution experts. Regardless of your circumstances, your industry or the new challenges that now face your team, our team remains fully engaged and ready to help.

CTS’s main office is open and we will continue to ship orders daily, worldwide. We have also expanded our remote and virtual capabilities – it doesn’t take a face-to-face meeting for our subject matter experts to provide the guidance and the solutions that will drive quality and yield on your line.

Here is how we can continue to serve you, anywhere in the world, at any time:


  • Product Demo – Schedule live virtual product demonstrations with a Sales Engineer.
  • Application Evaluation – Have a live virtual application review with an Application Engineer with a follow up engineering report.
  • Technical Support – Access remote support via our Tech Support desk and from our field Application Engineers.


Contact your local sales representative or CTS directly to schedule any of these services.

Are you retooling?

Retooling a production line to produce medical supplies or equipment poses substantial technical and quality assurance challenges. The CTS team is already working with leading OEMs to help them through this critical transition.

Let’s talk about how we might help you, too.

Cost-free expedited deliveries

Any of our customers involved with the COVID-19 response can also have expedited delivery at no cost to them.

To Reach Sales
Phone: 513-367-6699
For international contacts see our website here:

To Reach Support
Phone: 513-202-5108 (during normal business hours)
Phone: 513-202-5174 (24/7 support line)