CTS, Sciemetric & innomatec unify Indian operations

November 29, 2019 | By Cincinnati Test Systems

Product Integrity partners redefine leak testing and data management for Industry 4.0

Cincinnati Test Systems (www.cincinnati-test.com ) , Sciemetric (www.sciemetric.com) and innomatec (www.innomatec.com ) have consolidated their Indian Sales and Support operations to now directly serve the country’s manufacturing and automation industries with the broadest leak test and in-process testing portfolio available in the market today.

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), Sciemetric, and innomatec form TASI Group’s Product Integrity team. Together, they provide quality and productivity solutions to manufacturers worldwide, with locations in The U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., China, Korea, and India.

“Wherever in the world our customers operate, they can now choose leak test instruments and test solutions from CTS or innomatec with added confidence that they will receive full service and support locally,” said CTS President Kevin Hansell. “They will be the primary beneficiaries as we combine our shared passions for engineering innovative solutions and delivering best-in-class customer service and support.”

The diversity to meet any leak test challenge

From the scalability of the new Sentinel MH to the data analytics horsepower of the Sentinel 3520 Series, TASI Product Integrity has every aspect of leak test covered.

We deliver and support in India a product lineup that includes:

  • The Sentinel line: Including leak test instruments like the MH for differential pressure test types, the advanced multi-functional I28, the A28 designed specifically for the Asian market, and the 3520 Series, which features high accuracy and extra fast cycle times.
  • The LTC Line (LTC 702, LTC 802, LTC 902): German-engineered leak measurement computers designed to work safely, quickly, and with high precision for industrial leak testing and flow measurement.
  • Quick Connects: A full range of pneumatic connectors and pneumatic tube fittings designed and manufactured to deliver a durable and longer lasting seal for low or high-pressure leak testing.

“Together, we have the comprehensive portfolio of industrial leak testing products to create new opportunities and equip global manufacturers with the capabilities they need for the future,” said innomatec President Mike Schillings.

With proven in-process testing and monitoring

TASI Product Integrity also offers Industry 4.0 technologies for front-line defect detection and distributed process control. In-process testing (IPT) with Sciemetric sigPOD catches defects as they occur, when it is much less costly and disruptive to address them. Sciemetric EDGE is a universal analytics platform that provides manufacturing and industrial operations with an exciting new way to monitor, manage, and optimize a process, in real-time.

“After 10 years of operations in India, Sciemetric is proud to have such strong partners with which to expand our capabilities and address such a diverse range of customer requirements,” said Derek Kuhn, Sciemetric President and General Manager. “We are stronger together – manufacturers can be confident that we have the proven test solutions and the Industry 4.0 capabilities to support their long-term growth and profitability.”

Backed up by industry-leading analytics

TASI Product Integrity also helps manufacturers improve overall quality, efficiency, yield, traceability, and up-time, and deliver proof-of-compliance. Our QualityWorX CTS DataHub connects to leak test instruments at one or more stations along a production line, to identify trends and areas for improvement. Industry 4.0 data analytics platforms QualityWorX and Sciemetric Studio extend beyond leak test to any test and virtually all repeatable processes in the plant.

“Our complimentary products, expertise and market reach make India a fantastic growth opportunity for us,” said Shankar Krishnamurthy, Vice-President and General Manager of Asia-Pacific operations for TASI Product Integrity. “Coming together in a single location as one cohesive team puts us in the ideal position to directly serve manufacturers and machine builders across India.”

The combined India office, with a team of 20, includes a full application and demonstration lab where customers can experience the combined product portfolio of CTS, innomatec, and Sciemetric. It also houses our R&D team that is focused on developing products for the Asian market.

About CTS

Since 1981, Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc. (CTS) has delivered precision leak detection equipment, functional test systems and assembly verification testing to manufacturers. Its Sentinel, TracerMate and LPC products are used for pressure and vacuum decay leak testing, flow testing and tracer gas testing in the medical device, automotive, consumer products, off-highway, oil and gas, and energy sectors. CTS is part of the TASI Group of Companies’ Product Integrity organization, along with Sciemetric and CTS-Schreiner. The Product Integrity organization provides Industry 4.0 leak test, data management and analytics solutions that help manufacturers worldwide improve quality and productivity. CTS has sales and support offices in the U.S., Europe, China and Korea.

About Sciemetric

Sciemetric’s industry-leading data management and analytics capabilities empower our clients to start using their data today for greater process visibility and control and faster issue resolution. We deliver Industry 4.0 tools for a a variety of industrial operations and manufacturing processes. Our expertise and reputation was built over decades working with manufacturers world-wide to solve their biggest productivity and quality issues, and optimize their production lines quickly, through in-process monitoring/testing and practical data analysis. Sciemetric is part of the TASI Group’s Product Integrity organization, with sales and support offices in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., India, and China.

About innomatec

innomatec was founded in 1983 with the idea from founder Wolfgang Schillings to replace all traditional leak measuring methods, such as underwater testing, with computer-controlled leak testing devices and procedures. The company has since grown to deliver customized systems and test benches for leak checks, flow monitoring and function tests for water, air, helium and inert gas. innomatec’s client base now includes household names from all sectors of industry, in 18 countries, including India since 2006.

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