Sentinel Instrument Recalibration

April 26, 2017 | By CTS Admin
Is your Sentinel leak detection system up-to-date and calibrated correctly? Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) offers factory and onsite instrument recalibration that is fully traceable to NIST standards.

Factory or Onsite Leak Test Instrument Recalibration

For many users of CTS products, annual inspection of their leak test devices is mandatory to keep their quality standards current and to ensure that all completed parts meet specification prior to shipping. To your customers, regularly recalibrating your Sentinel leak test instruments demonstrates your commitment to quality and guarantees that part testing is performed with NIST-traceable accuracy. Recalibration MachineTo keep your instrument(s) calibrated properly, we offer both CTS factory and onsite instrument recalibration services.
  • For CTS factory recalibration, simply disconnect your CTS leak test instrument and ship it to our facility for service and calibration.
  • For onsite recalibration, a CTS service technician travels to your facility for a scheduled service call. Onsite instrument calibration offers the advantage of reduced machined downtime, which helps get your instrument back in service with minimal delay.

Features & Benefits of CTS Recalibration Service

Our specially trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection and run the Sentinel’s self-test program(s) to determine the overall “health” of your instrument. A complete instrument system backup will be saved to a USB flash drive before and after calibration. All CTS factory and onsite leak instrument recalibration services include testing of pressure and flow circuits to determine instrument accuracy across all pressure ranges. Each transducer range will be digitally recalibrated using multi-point pressure calibration and multi-flow flow calibration (if your system is so equipped). All recalibration procedures are performed with certified gauges and are traceable to NIST standards. Upon completion, we will provide a CTS Recalibration Summary Certificate to document “as found” to “as left” specifications.

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