Standard and Customizable Leak, Flow, Pressure, and Vacuum Test Instrumentation

Leak Detection Equipment

Cincinnati Test Systems is a world leader in today's market for high quality leak test instrumentation. With advanced designs, features, and test algorithms, our leak detection equipment provides fast, reliable, and repeatable results for air leakage testing, gas leakage testing, and any other leak test application.

We offer a full line of standard leak detection equipment. We can also provide custom-built leak test systems that our tailored to your unique testing requirements.

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CTS has been a leader in air leak test instrumentation for over 30 years. Request a quote on the leak detection equipment you need, or contact us to learn more.

CTS Sentinel Leak Detection Equipment

At Cincinnati Test Systems, we take leak testing seriously. We’ve gained loyal customers all around the world by providing engineered leak detection equipment, leak test instrumentation, and air flow devices that operate accurately and reliably.

Our popular, high performance Sentinel family of leak detection equipment includes a range of solutions that makes it easy to find the right leak test device for your unique needs.

CTS offers all of these standard leak test devices as well as custom-engineered leak detection equipment that can be tailored to meet any leak and/or flow testing requirements.

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