Unique Design Challenges and Solutions

May 12, 2016 | By CTS Admin
Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has been designing and manufacturing leak detection equipment and function test systems for 35 years. In that time, we’ve encountered parts and components in all shapes sizes, and configurations, all of which require reliable testing options. To that end, we’ve developed myriad solutions for these unique design challenges.

Unique Design Challenges with Stem Extensions & Extended Noses

CTS’ air actuated leak and pressure connectors provide effective sealing for testing purposes. However, our standard designs are not always compatible with the parts you’re testing—in some cases. The tube or port to which the connector must connect is positioned in such a way that a flush connection is not possible.
Pressure Connector 
CTS O.D. pressure connector with an extended nose

To circumvent this, we offer stem extensions for our I.D. connectors and extended noses for our O.D. connectors. These devices attach to our standard connectors via threaded connections, and extend the sealing point out beyond the housing, making it possible to reach tubes and ports in hard-to-reach areas. Our stem extensions and extended noses are available in any custom length your application requires.

Smaller or Shorter Connectors for Small Spaces

In other leak testing or pressure testing applications, access to tubes or ports may be limited not by reach, but by lack of space. The test point may be easy to access on the surface of the part, but a standard connector is too large to fit in the limited available space. To that end, CTS can provide I.D., O.D., or face sealing connectors in custom sizes. Though shorter in length or smaller in diameter, these custom connectors provide the same reliable sealing capabilities as the “full size” versions. Simply provide us with your dimensional requirements and we will develop a custom connector to fit the space.  
CTS manual connector 
CTS manual connector with shortened body to accommodate limited space

Dual I.D. Sealing, Dual O.D. Sealing & Dual Face Sealing Units

In some testing applications, two ports that are very close to each other must be tested simultaneously. Often, these ports are too closely spaced to use two separate connectors. For these instances, CTS offers custom dual sealing units that will attach to and seal both ports at once. Our custom dual sealing connectors are built to match our customers’ exact specifications. Let us know the spacing and the port size(s), and we can create a custom unit that will fit perfectly. We can produce dual I.D. sealing units, dual O.D. sealing units, and dual face sealing units, depending on your testing needs.
Pneumatic Connector | Cincinnati Test System
CTS pneumatic connector for dual ID sealing

Connectors to Seal Multiple Ports on A Single Test Part

If your testing application requires you to seal multiple ports along the length of a single test part, we can provide sealing connectors that will do just that. Instead of a single seal point at the end, these custom connectors feature multiple seals along the length of a stem extension or extended nose (see above). These connectors allow you to isolate and test specific areas or ports individually or simultaneously. The length of the extension and the number of seals can be customized to your testing needs. I.D. and O.D. options are available.
Pneumatic Connector | Cincinnati Test Systems
CTS pneumatic connector for multiple seal locations

Unique Challenge Solutions for Sealing Unique Port Shapes

While most ports are round/circular, we’ve encountered myriad examples of non-standard port shapes. Whether they’re ovals, rectangles, half-moons, or any other shape. We can provide special custom connector options to accommodate your unique port openings. There are almost no limits to the non-standard port shapes we can produce.
Unique Design Solutions for Port Shapes
Examples of CTS’ solutions for unique port shapes


Pneumatic or Manually-Operated Solutions

Most of our connectors are manually actuated. However, should your application require, we can supply pneumatic actuators for fast and easy operation. For more information, or to find out how we can solve your unique design challenges,  contact Cincinnati Test Systems today.