A Quick Guide to Cincinnati Test Systems Connect Accessories

May 19, 2016 | By CTS Admin
To improve and enhance the performance of our CTS Connect products, Cincinnati Test Systems offers a range of connect accessories. These specialty products are designed to accommodate unique testing applications, and to help you get the most out of your CTS connect accessories.

CTS Stem Extensions

Our connector devices provide effective sealing for leak and pressure testing. While our standard models are ideal for most testing applications, sometimes the tube or port the connector must be connected to is located in a place that makes a flush connection impossible. For such instances, CTS offers stem extensions for our I.D. connectors and extended noses for our O.D. connectors. These simple devices attach to CTS Connect units via threaded connections, and extend the sealing point beyond the connector housing. In this way, it is possible to reach tubes and ports in hard-to-reach places. All of our stem extensions and extended noses are available in standard and custom lengths to meet your unique requirements.

CTS Connect Accesorites Stem Extensions | Cincinnati Test Systems
(Above) Example of how stem extension option works.

Tapered Guide Adapters

Specially designed for automated testing operations (though they’re useful for manual testing, as well), our tapered guide adapters clip onto the top of our O.D. CTS Connect units to guide test parts into the connector. Made from durable Delrin materials, these devices feature a chamfered opening that helps compensate for minor misalignment's. Furthermore this makes testing faster and easier, while preventing damage to the connector body and seals.

Connect Accesories Tapered Guide Adapters | Cincinnati Test Systems
(Above) Examples of our Tapered Guide Adapters on our OD connectors

CTS Connect Accessories Spring Mount Adapters

Similar to our tapered guide adapters, Cincinnati Test System's spring mount adapters compensate for minor part misalignment in automated testing. It also reduces the amount of time loading. These spring-mounted devices attach to the bottom of the CTS Connect unit and allow the connector to move and shift as needed to accommodate incoming parts for testing.

Connect Accesories Spring Mount Adapters | Cincinnati Test Systems
(Above) Illustration of Spring Mount Adapters

Connection Kits

If you’re using one of our connectors with a Sentinel or other CTS leak test instrumentation, these kits provide everything you need to connect the two devices. Our connection kits include a variety of tubes and fittings, to ensure that you have the pieces you need for your specific testing application.

Manual Control Valves for Pneumatic Connectors

Many users like to pneumatically seal their parts for testing, but also need a way to manually control the air flow. In steps our manual control valves that allow for fast and easy on/off switching of test air flow.

For more information, check out the CTS Connect Brochure or to order CTS Connect accessories, contact Cincinnati Test Systems today.