Sentinel MH: A cost-effective and proven leak test that fits where you need it to

September 16, 2019 | By Cincinnati Test Systems

Cincinnati Test Systems, the expert in leak detection equipment, has released the Sentinel MH, an advanced multifunction leak test instrument for high-speed testing using differential pressure.

The Sentinel MH is now available following extensive testing through thousands of field deployments with CTS customers worldwide. It provides high-resolution leak test measurements with fast, repeatable results in a compact, modular design.

Manufacturers in markets such as automotive, powertrain, consumer goods, energy, consumer electronics, HVAC/R and medical can rely on this instrument for five types of differential pressure and vacuum decay leak tests. The instrument is also designed for testing parts/assemblies that must comply with the IP67 standard for ingress protection (dust tight, leak-free to withstand immersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes).

“The Sentinel MH’s modular design is ideal for deployment in tight quarters on the production line to ensure the test instrument is as close as possible to the test part,” said Shankar Krishnamurthy, Vice President, CTS. “This reduces system volume for a fast and more accurate test, whether in a single-bay setup with manual fixturing, or in a multi-bay setup with automatic fixturing.”

This modular design also makes the Sentinel MH a distributable and scaleable system – manufacturers can easily expand and manage their network of test instruments, as needed. This is possible thanks to CTSnet LT, a highly intuitive user interface that delivers a new level of control and ease-of-use, right from a PC user interface.

With CTSnet LT, users can quickly discover all MH instruments on a network, connect to them, configure all the parameters available on the instrument, then run a test (start/stop) and read the results — in real time. They can also use CTSnet LT to upgrade the firmware, and backup and restore test programs. Programs can be copied to and from different instruments for faster setup. Configuration details, calibrations and test results can all be exported so users can easily retrieve historical data at any time.

The Sentinel MH supports 32 test programs and stores up to 5,000 test results. To carry out deeper data analysis for root cause traceability, further test optimization and greater quality assurance, the Sentinel MH can also be connected to the QualityWorX CTS DataHub.

See the Sentinel MH spec sheet for more information.

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About CTS

Since 1981, Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc. (CTS) has delivered precision leak detection equipment, functional test systems and assembly verification testing to manufacturers. Its Sentinel, TracerMate and LPC products are used for pressure and vacuum decay leak testing, flow testing and tracer gas testing in the medical device, automotive, consumer products, off-highway, oil and gas, and energy sectors. CTS is part of the TASI Group of Companies’ Product Integrity organization, along with Sciemetric, Innomatec and CTS-Schreiner. The Product Integrity organization provides Industry 4.0 leak test, data management and analytics solutions that help manufacturers worldwide improve quality and productivity. CTS has sales and support offices in the U.S., Europe, China and Korea.

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