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Using an accurate leak rate is critical to the success of your leak test. Instead of applying guesswork to balance accuracy and cycle time, try our leak calculator. Just enter your known values below (Volume of Part and either the desired leak rate or test cycle time) and click “Run Leak Test”. The unknown attribute (Leak Rate or Time) will be generated for you.

You can also download our leak rate calculator app to do leak calculations on the go with your phone or tablet (scroll down for more information).

Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT

The leak rate calculator below is used to find either the leak rate or the test cycle time for a Pressure Decay test. LR=(V∙∆P∙60sec/min)/(t sec∙14.7). For more information, see this bulletin.

Attribute Value
Leak Rate (scc/m)
Volume of Part (cc)
Time (sec)
Pressure Loss (psi)
Atmosphere (psi)

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Our leak rate app includes calculators and unit conversions for leak rate applications.

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