Say Hello to The Sentinel Blackbelt Pro™

August 18, 2016 | By CTS Admin
The Sentinel Blackbelt Pro is the next generation multi-test, multi-port, multi-channel test instrument from Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS). The Blackbelt Pro provides multi-port independent testing—it can manage and simultaneously execute four part tests at different stages, all from a single control interface. With the Blackbelt Pro, users can perform leak, flow, pressure, and vacuum testing, simultaneously or sequentially, in one integrated instrument. Sentinel Blackbelt Pro

Multiple Test Options with Operational Versatility

CTS’ Sentinel Blackbelt Pro sets the bar for productivity, flexibility, and communication. It is highly configurable, with four-port independent synchronous and asynchronous testing capabilities and one-, two-, three-, or four-port sequential operation. The Blackbelt Pro includes a variety of testing technologies, including:
  • Pressure/vacuum decay-pressure change
  • Pressure/vacuum decay with certified leak standard
  • Pressure/vacuum decay-pressure change/time
  • Occlusion test (vacuum or pressure)
  • Mass flow direct flow reading
  • Mass flow with certified leak standard
Units of measure for testing are user-selectable, and include a range of options for pressure, flow, and time readings. Units of measure can be set globally or per test program to give users the data they need for their specific applications. CTS will optimize the sensor and flow range of each user’s device, per application, to ensure the best performance. A powerful, 32-bit processor with eight 24-bit A/D converters provides lightning fast operation. The Blackbelt Pro offers multi-test dependence programming, with internal memory for up to 999 part programs and up to one million test results, with date, time, and/or barcode logging. Memory is expandable via built-in USB ports. The Blackbelt Pro’s auto-calibration system includes a mass flow leak standard certified for pressure and flow, and “performance factor” calibration feedback ensures accurate results for each and every test. “Self-test” functionality isolates the device’s pneumatics to verify a “no leak” condition.

Intuitive Operator Interface & Flexible Communications

The Blackbelt Pro features a large (9”), user-friendly touchscreen interface. The full-color touchscreen provides high resolution (800 x 480) LCD display with graphical capabilities to display charts and custom X-Y graphs. Onscreen test status displays pass/fail, in-test, and error messages. Basic and Advanced operational modes, a language-neutral interface, and user-selectable languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Portuguese) make the Blackbelt Pro easy to use. Multi-level password access and SmartKey digital ID technology provide dependable data security and tracking. With 18 digital input ports and 18 digital output ports, each with programmable Tooling Control, the Blackbelt Pro offers ample I/O options. Standard I/O ports include USB, RS232, Ethernet/Telnet, and a variety of other options. Test results and data can also be sent via email or mobile text message, as needed. Cincinnati Test Systems offers the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro in wall-mount and benchtop configurations. Both models are built on compact footprints to save space in crowded testing facilities.

The Only Leak Test Instrument You Need

CTS has over 30 years’ experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high precision, repeatable, and reliable leak test instruments. The highly configurable, multi-functional Sentinel Blackbelt Pro delivers unrivaled versatility and performance that makes it an ideal solution for a broad range of testing applications. Contact Cincinnati Test Systems today to learn more about the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro.