Flow Testing and The Sentinel Blackbelt

November 12, 2015 | By CTS Admin
If you need high performance, highly accurate leak and flow testing, but have limited space available, the Sentinel Blackbelt benchtop instrument from Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) is just what you need. Even if you have hundreds of square feet available, the Blackbelt is still an excellent choice, as it provides fast, accurate results in any leak or flow testing application.

Compact & Configurable Flow Testing

The Sentinel Blackbelt is a precision leak test instrument in a convenient benchtop package that measures just 9” by 11 ¼” by 15”. The system is engineered to deliver maximum performance with minimal space requirements. This devices is multi-test configurable for a variety of pressure decay, vacuum decay, or mass flow testing requirements. Test options can operate as independently conducted tests or as a complete testing sequence. One, two, three, and four test port configurations are available to meet your needs. Test options encompass a broad range of pressure and vacuum testing types for application flexibility. Ninety-nine preloaded test programs include, but are not limited to:
  • Pressure decay
  • Calibrated pressure decay
  • Rate of pressure loss
  • Occlusion/blockage
  • Burst
  • Proof
  • Test to event
  • Mass flow
  • Controlled flow
  • Quick test
Numerous flow testing features can be programmed by the user to provide optimum performance. For example, test type, timer, pressure limits, reject limits, calibration parameters, units of measurement, and more can be configured to meet your specifications. Automatic calibration capabilities allow for testing of master production part(s) with internal calibrated leak standard to automatically establish pressure or flow loss over time and leak rate relationship to the tested part. Values can be manually adjusted if an average value of multiple parts is required. The Blackbelt’s testing versatility is enabled by specially engineered modular manifolds. Manifolds are precision machined to ensure perfect replication of internal volumes—a critical concern in pressure loss over time testing. Specially matched valves allow for millions of worry-free, highly accurate test cycles. The modular manifold design also allows for functionality changes in the future.

Superior Performance & Outstanding Ease of Use for Flow Testing

The Sentinel Blackbelt leak test instrument includes numerous advanced features that make it simple to get the highly accurate test results you need. Our patented auto set-up drastically simplifies instrument test programming by providing automated optimization of test programs based on user-defined maximum allowable cycle times. Environmental drift correction helps maintain accuracy by continuously monitoring and adjusting for location, change in temperature, or other environmental conditions. The Blackbelt’s high speed 32-bit processor and 24-bit A/D converter enable remarkably fast, high resolution test processing. Internal memory provides data storage for up to 12,000 results. Built-in, powered, digital I/O ports, Ethernet Telnet connectivity, RS232 serial connections, and USB ports allow for easy system integration. User-selected menu language and a touchscreen interface make system controls globally user-friendly and easy to use. For versatile, reliable, high precision leak testing in a compact, space-saving design, you need the CTS’ Sentinel Blackbelt. Contact us today for more information!