Fast, Reliable, Low Cost Leak Location: The TracerMate CS

November 5, 2015 | By CTS Admin
For a leak location solution that checks all the most important boxes—fast, safe, clean, reliable, low cost—you need look no further than the TracerMate CS system. Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) and INFICON have teamed up to package a one-of-a-kind atmospheric leak location system, comprised of our TracerMate benchtop charge gas instrument and INFICON’s Sentrac hydrogen leak detector. Together, these two devices provide versatile test sensitivity for small, medium, and large leak detection across all applications.

Superior Leak Detection Technology

CTS’ TracerMate CS leak location system utilizes standardized test types from our 30-plus years of proven tracer gas handling experience to provide high-sensitivity (1 x 10 -5 scc/sec and up) with evacuation, gross leak check, and interface for leak location to pinpoint the atmospheric leak. Designed to isolate leaks in parts, components, and assemblies of all kinds, the TracerMate is easy to use and delivers rapid, reliable results. With an advanced, high speed processor and A/D converter, it provides exceptionally fast, high resolution test processing. A large, full-color LCD touch screen interface with an intuitive, icon-based menu provides graphing capabilities to display pressure or flow versus time, with plot positioning and zoom options.

The TracerMate leak location device uses a 5/95 hydrogen/nitrogen mix for charge gas leak detection—a dry, non-contaminating system that quickly identifies leak locations, allowing parts to be repaired or replaced. The instrument has capabilities to evacuate the workpiece to ensure it’s properly pressurized with tracer gas so leak paths can be detected quickly. Pressure and vacuum decay testing capabilities allows parts to be retested after the initial leak has been repaired. At the end of the test cycle, TracerMate re-evacuates and vents the part to control background hydrogen levels for future testing.

A Fully Integrated Solution

Integrating of our TracerMate CS unit with the INFICON Sentrac hydrogen gas leak detector provides the ability to locate and isolate a leak with a high degree of accuracy using the system’s handheld probe. The probe monitors hydrogen PPM (parts per million) levels in the air around the tested part. Detected leaks are reported by leak rate volume; users are notified of detected leaks via visual and audio alerts. The TracerMate is the controlling factor in the system: it controls evacuation, supplies repeatable pressurized tracer gas, and monitors testing sequences. The Sentrac unit uses the hydrogen sensing probe to detect hydrogen leaks. Both the TracerMate and the Sentrac are specially calibrated for high sensitivity and preprogrammed for quick setup.

With both instruments combined as a portable, self-contained unit, users can bring the system to the parts in question for fast, easy testing in the field. The TracerMate Leak Location System is pre-programmed to interface with most other gas detection devices in automatic or manual modes, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. Units feature Ethernet connectivity capabilities, USB ports, and more. The interface menu features an interactive help guide, user-definable key or password security options, and multiple language options for outstanding ease of use. This complete, turnkey system provides semi-automated leak locating for repair loops, dunk tank replacement, and countless other applications.

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