Die Cast Housing Leak Test System - CTS - Part 3

June 23, 2016 | By CTS Admin
Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) designs and manufactures Die Cast Housing Leak Test Systems that deliver highly accurate results in quick cycle times for fast, efficient testing. Our Die Cast Housing Leak Test System is ideal for a broad range of applications, and can be customized to meet your specifications. [caption id="attachment_166" align="aligncenter" width="375"] Die Cast Housing Leak Test System |CTS Die Cast Housing Leak Test System[/caption]

Independent Dual Station Die Cast Housing Leak Test System

This system was designed to independently leak test die cast housings. Controlled by CTS Sentinel I28 leak test devices, each of the two stations tests the same part, and can be cycled independently or simultaneously. Parts are manually loaded and unloaded, with independent light curtains that allow loading and unloading while the other station is in test. Asynchronous testing capabilities allow maximum test throughput. Cycle time is approximately 29 seconds. A filler block is employed to reduce test cavity space and reduce air fill times. Once the leak test begins, the die cast housing is automatically advanced to the test position, where pneumatic cylinders clamp the part and seal the test chamber. The part cavity is pressurized to 8 psig, isolation valves close, pressure is stabilized, and the I28 device starts the actual testing process. An external downstream pressure switch verifies internal test pressure. The leak test unit executes and manages the test, using the operator-defined low cavity pressure limit to reject leaking parts. Indicator lights on the I28 provide alerts of the system’s test status, and a part identifying system physically marks parts that pass the leak test. When the test is finished, the part is returned to the load position. Die Cast Housing Leak Test System| Cincinnati Test Systems