5 reasons to maintain annual recalibration of leak test equipment

March 29, 2021 | By CTS Admin
If you rely on leak testing equipment on your line, we recommend annual recalibration to ensure your leak tester is always performing at its best, on every test. Annual recalibration provides many benefits, including those below.   

Support optimal functioning of your leak tester

Over time, your leak tester can experience wear which affects proper functioning. This can lead to false readings, and faulty parts leaving your facility. We recommend annual recalibration as a ‘tune-up’ to maintain optimal precision, accuracy and repeatability on every leak test. 

Ensure manufactured parts meet specifications

Some industries operate under strictly enforced quality guidelines and standards that require annual recalibration. However, even for manufacturers that don’t require annual recalibration, conducting this support for your leak test equipment will help make certain that your shipped parts always meet specifications and quality standards. In the long run, this will end up saving you money and your reputation for quality. 

Prove your manufacturing quality standards 

Having your instruments recalibrated annually proves your commitment to quality—a testament important to customers, whether or not you are required to provide proof of recalibration.    

Cincinnati Test Systems provides a Recalibration Summary certificate after each service. This document is a record that your equipment has been calibrated and tested according to the highest standards of our recalibration services, which include:
  • Thorough pressure and flow circuit tests to determine instrument accuracy across all pressure ranges
  • Each transducer range is digitally recalibrated using a multi-point pressure calibration process and, if equipped, a multi-point flow calibration process
  • All services are performed using our A2LA (1667.01)-accredited calibration process 
  • All equipment calibration processes are ISO 17025 accredited
  • All calibration services are performed with certified gages traceable to NIST standards

Flexible options allow you to avoid undue delay on production

Cincinnati Test Systems offers both factory and on-site equipment calibration to provide the recalibration service you need without causing undue disruption of your day-to-day operations. Simply ship your equipment to our manufacturing facility, or schedule a service call for one of our technicians to perform on-site instrument calibration service. 

When performing on-site equipment calibration, your instrument remains connected while we recalibrate and recertify its accuracy, offering reduced machine downtime—your leak test instrument will be recalibrated and back in production with minimal delay.

We make it easy to stay up-to-date on leak test recalibration

CTS leak test instruments purchased in the past 3 years are now equipped with a calibration reminder sticker (pictured, right) which identifies your last calibration so you can easily keep track of your annual recalibration schedule. If you don’t have record of your last recalibration, or you have any questions, contact us to discuss and schedule your next recalibration service. 
Learn more about Cincinnati Test Systems leak test recalibration services.

To ship your leak test equipment to CTS’ facility to be recalibrated, you may complete our online recertification RMA form.