‘Ask The Experts’ Video Series

Why Does My Part Have a Negative Leak Rate?

Cincinnati Test Systems Expert - Brandon Dexter addresses why a leak test instrument will measure and record a negative leak rate. Learn more: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments

Controlling temperature when doing a mass flow or pressure decay leak test

As part of our Ask The Experts video series, Chuck Hagyard, Senior Business Development Manager at Cincinnati Test Systems and Sciemetric, discusses the biggest issue you will face when implementing a mass flow or pressure decay leak test—and how to overcome it. Learn more about our solutions for leak test: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments


Pressure Loss and Volumetric Leak Rate

Cincinnati Test Systems' Dave Kralovetz discusses leak rate measurement in the terms of pressure drop over time and volumetric flow measurement readings. Learn more: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments


Product/Solutions Videos

Dust-tight, water-tight: Meeting IP67 leak test requirements with Cincinnati Test Systems

Manufacturers of sealed devices must deliver products that are dust-tight and leak-free. Learn more about Cincinnati Test Systems' solutions for leak testing to meet IP67 standards and requirements on our website: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/waterproof-electronics-testing​ Using air (dry and non-destructive) instead of water to quantify leak, we deliver an automated, faster, more repeatable and more objective leak test.


Pressure Testing Medical Bags: Blackbelt Pro Multi Channel Bag Leak Test System

This video shows how the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro leak test instrument can be used to meet the stringent requirements of pressure testing medical bags. Learn more about the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro on our website: ​https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments/sentinel-blackbelt-pro The system is easy to load and unload and can test multiple medical solution and blood bags at a time then displaying individual results per channel and clear pass/fail indicators, among other helpful features.


CTS' TracerMate II: Leak Test and Tracer Gas Management

Meet the TracerMate II—a leak test and tracer gas management instrument from Cincinnati Test Systems. Learn more about the TracerMate II on our website: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments/tracermate The TracerMate II is ideal for manufacturers in a variety of markets including transportation, HVAC, appliances and industrial, when part types and leak rates mean that standard pressure or flow technologies aren't appropriate. Watch this video to learn more about the many applications and benefits of TracerMate II.


Introducing the QualityWorX CTS DataHub

The QualityWorX CTS DataHub software connects to Sentinel leak test and sigPOD instruments at one or more stations along the production line to collect, store and analyze data. Learn more about the QualityWorX CTS DataHub: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments/qualityworx-cts-datahub​ This information is used for monitoring the testing process and to analyze historical data to identify trends and areas for improvement.


Cincinnati Test Systems Presents: Nitrogen Purge Technology 

Nitrogen purge technology uses nitrogen to force ambient background atmosphere (air, helium, etc.) to increase testing sensitivity for more accurate detection of micro-leaks. Learn more about CTS' nitrogen purge leak test systems: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/tracer-gas-leak-testing/nitrogen-purge


Cincinnati Test Systems Presents: Pressure Decay Leak Test the Effects on Part Volume

Cincinnati Test Systems pressure decay leak test instruments measure a pressure loss during a leak test. This video displays how to measure a pressure drop value as a pressure measurement or a calibrated scc/m volumetric flow measurement.


Cincinnati Test Systems Presents: Pressure Decay Mass Flow and Calibration

This video compares a calibrated pressure decay leak test to a direct, measured flow leak test and a calibrated flow leak test. Learn more about our leak test and function test systems: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments


Product Tutorials

Blackbelt Pro Tutorials

This is session 1 describing functionality of the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro instrument. In this video you will learn to navigate the Home Screen interface of the instrument for the following functions: • Test process for all channels • Individual channels to view results and the pressure, flow vs. time graph • Zoom In or Zoom Out and magnify Learn more about CTS' Blackbelt Pro, multi-channel leak, flow, pressure and vacuum instrument: https://www.cincinnati-test.com/test-instruments/sentinel-blackbelt-pro


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