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Tracer Gas Leak Standards

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) is an industry-leading supplier of leak standards for a diverse range of leak and flow testing applications. Our tracer gas leak standards and leak test systems are manufactured to precision tolerances to meet your specific flow and pressure requirements. And, because every customer has different interface needs, we offer a variety of mechanical connection options to facilitate seamless integration between the leak test standard and your existing system.
The lab at CTS is A2LA accredited and ISO 17025 certified to ensure that the strictest controlled calibration procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process. Our tracer gas leak standards are provided with NIST-traceable calibration certificates.

NIST Traceable Helium Leak Standards

Complete Tracer Gas Leak Test Systems

If your application involves tracer gas technology, CTS’ standards lab produces leak standards for very low leak rate applications (as low as 10-10). With state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians, we can provide tracer gas leak test systems that are tailored to your specific needs. While the most commonly used tracer gases are helium, hydrogen, and SF6, leak standards for other tracer gases are available upon request.


Tracer Gas Leak Standard Recertification

In addition to providing new leak standards, CTS offers a recertification program for our customers’ existing tracer gas leak standards.

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See individual product listings for additional information and specifications. Download our Calibrated Leak and Flow Standards data sheet to learn more.